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Home Accessories: What frequency do wireless doorbells use?

What frequency do wireless doorbells use?

Among the various home accessories, a doorbell is the necessary installation. Previously, wired doorbells were the standard installation but now a wireless doorbell is the trend. The great electronic revolution has really changed the wired world into wireless one. Wireless doorbells have fast replaced the wired ones as wireless doorbells are much simple and easy to install. We are staying in an unplugged world where we deeply rely on wireless communication. Modern cellphones, Dish TV antennas, etc., all make use of modulated radio signals, acting as the communication medium. Radio signals are actually modulated electromagnetic waves carrier upon which the signal is superimposed. A wireless doorbell is made of two distinct parts, namely, doorbell apparatus and the chime box receiver. Wondering what frequency do wireless doorbells use? Below you will find a discussion on the mechanism of a wireless doorbell.

Installation of wireless doorbells beside the door

Many doorbell devices come in double receivers that can be placed in two distinct locations of the house. The wireless doorbell is installed just beside the main door and is taped or screwed to the wall. You can place the receivers having multiple tone chime box, anywhere inside your house. The boxes must be placed within the range of around 150-200 metres from the wireless doorbell. The doorbell comes equipped with internally fitted battery that eliminates the need for power connection.

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Working of wireless doorbells

The wireless doorbell functions like the alarm button and can be placed near to the patients on bed. The doorbell comprises of a transmitter that sends the radio signal over the electromagnetic frequency no sooner you press the bell button. The radio frequency signal normally ranges between 400MHz to 500 MHz. The chime box of the doorbell apparatus comprises of a receiver which is actually tuned to receive at the frequency of a transmitter. As soon as the signal is received from the transmitter of the doorbell, the electric circuit gets activated that sounds the bell. The bell then starts to ring. It is the radio communication mechanism which helps in avoiding the wire. The same signal may activate multiple chime boxes or ringers. If you have a large house, you can get multiple receivers installed. The whole apparatus of the doorbell is simple to set up and there is no need to call the technician. You can avail wireless doorbells of longer range that can easily transmit signals over longer distances.

The frequency that doorbells use

Wireless doorbells need to use distinct frequencies for if you opt to buy doorbells of the same frequency, then while installing them, you will see that there is interference. This implies that when you intend to ring one particular bell, then the frequency will be picked up by other such that they all will ring together. So, it is recommended that you buy bells of distinct frequencies.

To summarise the whole thing, wireless doorbells work simply because of wireless communication. Apart from this, the bell and the chime box are installed at the door where there is the presence of a transmitter. Wireless doorbells are becoming popular choices among the tenants. There is no need to make any wiring connection in the rental property. Wireless doorbells have a great edge over traditional ones.

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