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Six Projects Every Homeowner Should Complete Before Summer

Home Improvement Basics: Six Projects Every Homeowner Should Complete Before Summer


Summer is often touted as the best time to get projects done around the house, but not every upgrading or remodeling undertaking should take place during the warmer months of the year. Homeowners should take a look these six home improvement projects that will make your house more eye-catching and efficient than ever.

1. Replace Outdoor Lighting

There may be more daylight during the summer months, but the family is sure to be spending nights outside once the weather warms up. This makes spring the perfect time to begin upgrading or replacing old outdoor lights. Anyone that wants to save a little more money on energy can switch over to spiral CFL bulbs with better light output and lower electricity consumption.

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2. Pest Control and Spraying

As soon as the cold weather is a thing of the past the pests and insects are sure to begin showing their telltale signs such as chewed insulation and droppings. Most specialists suggest that homeowners have their home preemptively sprayed at least twice a year for common local pests. The spring is the perfect opportunity to put an end to pest problems before they get too serious.

3. Update the Garage Door

Winters are sure to wreak havoc on garage doors that are comprised of multiple types of materials that undergo heavy wear and tear. The outdoor paint can become damaged, the metal could rust, or the garage door may no longer be working whatsoever. If this is the case, a new garage door ensures that there are no mechanical issues in the future, and it will dramatically increase the curb appeal of the home with more styles available than ever.

4. HVAC Maintenance and Testing

When it comes to saving money on energy bills, few steps are as important as getting the HVAC system tested and serviced at least twice a year. HVAC systems can take up as much as 50 percent of the home’s energy bill and biannual servicing is a great way to keep costs low. During these service calls a technician can top off the fluids, check running temperatures, inspect the unit for damage, and lube moving parts.

5. Install New Windows

Having the perfect windows installed in a home is a great project to improve the building’s appearance, increase its value, and even cut down on energy costs. High-efficiency windows utilize a glass coating that better insulates a home and cuts down on UV light penetration. They also help to plug the gaps and stop cool interior air from escaping.

6. Powerwash Decks and Fences

Moisture, freezing temperatures, direct sunlight, and mold are all going to attack the appearance and structural integrity of decks, fences, and any other exposed wood. While a fresh coat of outdoor paint will help with the their longevity, powerwashing any outdoor wood will improve its appearance and slow the growth of mold and mildew.


These are just a few great projects to consider for those that are ready to improve the appearance, efficiency, and livability of their home before the summer months set in.


Informational credit to The Garage Door Co Ltd.


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