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Simple Solutions for Leaky Balcony

Leaky Balcony

Nowadays, leakage problems in the household are becoming very common and these cases are seen especially in the houses built by builders. One of the most common leakage problems is a leaky balcony. During rainy days, it becomes a serious issue, if unnoticed or not repaired timely. Balconies are more vulnerable to leaks because they are exposed to external threats than any other area of the house. Leakages in the balcony can be a result of poor waterproofing and damaged grouts/tiles. They are more in danger of heavy and damageable leaks in the rainy season because of the stagnant rainwater in the balcony. There are two ways to repair leaky balcony, one is by removing and reinstalling the tiles and another one is without removing the tiles:

Fixing balcony leakage by removing tiles

  • Remove the old tiles:

Start with removing the old tiles to waterproof the surface of the balcony first. If a few tiles are broken or damaged, remove the damaged ones only but remove all the tiles in case of a maximum number of tiles are damaged.

  • Clean the balcony:

After removing the tiles clean the remnant. Clear the whole balcony surface to start the waterproofing process. Make sure there is no dust remaining on the surface for better waterproofing results.

  • Apply the primer:

Apply the primer using a block brush on the surface. Ensure that corners of the balcony are properly primed. Leave it to dry for a few hours before starting the next step.

  • Waterproofing agent:

Check if the primer is dried and then start applying the waterproofing agent with a roller brush. You can start from the bottom corner of the floor for easier application.

  • Waterproofing Membrane:

Cut out the waterproof membrane a little longer than the floor area. So when you apply the membrane it will cover the whole floor and some wall area. After covering the floor with a waterproofing membrane, again apply the waterproofing agent over it to make it stick to the floor using a roller brush.

  • Paint:

After applying the waterproofing agent and membrane, leave it to get dry for 24 hrs and then paint the whole floor with waterproof paint.

  • Install the tiles:

Using concrete or adhesive install the tiles on the surface of the balcony. Check properly the leveling of the tiles while installing them. Let it dry and fill the gaps between the tiles using the silicone sealant for better waterproofing results.

Fixing balcony without removing tiles

  • Inspect the balcony:

Mainly stagnant water on the decks and balconies lead to leakage. Check the drainage and lose tiles before the rain arrives. Before starting to repair the problem, start searching its cause so that you can use the apt product to repair it.

  • Clean the tiles and grout:

Clean your tiles thoroughly before starting the process of repairing. Dust and dirt particles can affect the procedure of repairing the balcony.

  • Prepare the mixture to fill the gaps:

Get a 4ltr or 10ltr clear membrane waterproofing remedial kit as per the size of your balcony. You need to mix the material make a thick paste to apply between the gaps of the tiles to fix the leakage. After the application of material leave it for drying for about 24 hrs or till the time it gets fully dry.

  • Double coat the mixture:

After the first coating of the mixture dry completely, repeat the process. In order to make your balcony fully waterproof, apply a double coat of the blend prepared using the clear membrane kit material.

  • Let the balcony dry completely:

Make sure that the balcony is dry before stepping a foot on the floor. Let the membrane settle in between the tile gaps for 2 or 3 days.


There are bountiful of solutions for repairing a leaky balcony, but doing balcony waterproofing without removing tilesis easy and cost-effective. Apart from this, the choice of products to repair balcony leakage should be appropriate.

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