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Outdoor Maintenance Checklist

Outdoor Maintenance Checklist


You can save your cost of emergency repairs by keeping your home’s exterior maintained with regular checkups. There is a lot to check when the weather changes like roofing, gutter, siding & paint, windows and doors of  your home, so look out for potential issues and learn how to fix them.

  1. Gutter Maintenance

You can prevent the costly damage like rotting wood, puddles  and cracked foundations by cleaning your gutter regularly.  Here are the gutter inspection checklists given below:


  • Check leaks
  • Make sure water is flowing down the downspout
  • Inspect flashing for loose downspouts, missing nails and joints
  • Check dents and rust


  1. Roofing Checkups
  • Check the conditions of roof shingles,
  • Look for curling, missing or damaged shingles
  • Check any sign of wear & tear
  • Check algae growth on the roof
  • Check caps on boiler exhaust and furnace and replace them if they are missing
  • Inspect metal areas for rust
  • Examine your interior ceiling or attic.
  • Look for signs of leaking like dark spots on the ceiling, mold or dampness in the attic.


  1. WINDOWS & DOORS Maintenance

Insulating glass doors & windows require proper care  & maintenance to ensure complete effectiveness. You should clean your glass & frames with a mixture of soap and water.


  • Check the screen for patch and holes
  • Replace the screens where needed
  • Reapply caulking if you find any gaps in your windows and doors
  1. Siding

You are also required to check your protection elements like paint and siding of your home. Most siding can become damaged without proper maintenance. Maintenance of siding depends on its types that is installed.

For wood shakes and shingles

  • Check for moisture behind shingles then paint or stain, as needed.
  • Painting should be done every five to seven years, and staining every three years.

For steel siding

  • Sometimes siding joints require new sealant so you are required to wash the panel surface with detergent solution and let it dry.
  • Panel replacement is also required for severe holes, dents and scratches on steel siding.


Author Bio: Phil Anderson writes on the behalf of  ARSLtd, which is the leading provider of refurbishment and glass repair services. Apart from writing, he likes to travel.


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