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What You Need to Know About Creating an Eye-Catching Boutique

Creating an Eye-Catching Boutique

Where do your fashion dreams live? For some people, it’s in the ultra-new, ultra-hip edge of the modern chic, with plenty of chrome, new fabrics, and shapes that we never considered even a month ago. For other people, it’s with the dusty grandeur of a former era, where lace and velvets rule the day. The truth of the matter is that when you open a boutique, you must think just as much about what you look like and what you are stocking. What are some looks that you can use to master the precise feel that you are after?

Making It Stand Out: Windows and Doors

Unless you are going for a rather subterranean speakeasy appeal, you will discover that there is a great deal of eye-catching visual drama you can create with the windows and door display. For example, if you are after a rather Victorian look, why not deck out your curtains with charming lace? Instead of using mannequins in the window, dress up the window displays like the interior of a lady’s closet, complete with vanity and mirror. Remember that you can do some beautiful design with the door if you just think about it a little bit. Paint the door a vivid green or a deep blue, or any other color that is immediately eye-catching from the street.

Textured Walls

Unless you are crammed wall to wall with merchandise (not something we recommend, by the way) you will find that your walls are visible. The walls that you show add to the feel of the boutique in general, and and you will discover that they can be an attractive part of your establishment or something that makes people uncomfortable. For example, if you are looking for a very rustic appeal for your boutique, why not line one wall with a lovely faded barn door? This adds both a country touch to the space without overwhelming it with kitsch.

Pet-Friendly = Free Advertisement

Unless you have a good reason for not welcoming pets into your space, there has never been a better time to make your boutique dog friendly. Many high-quality boutiques in the fashion capitals of the world, like Paris and New York, are making their locations more friendly towards dog. A small sign saying “dogs welcome” or bowl of water set out on the street for thirsty dogs during the summer time is a great way to show the world at large that your boutique is trendy, fun and welcoming. This works very well in college areas.

Interesting Displays

How are you showing off your items? Technically, there would be nothing wrong with putting your items on metal shelving, but if you are smart, you draw back from this idea immediately. It takes both a high-quality item and good presentation. Skip the metal racks and look for something more endearing. Some people simply hang their items on modified coat racks and other endearingly old-fashioned racks. If you are looking for a very lovely, very sweetly thrift-store look, something that works very well for some high-end items, head to a second-hand store and look for racks that really suit your style.

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Pick a Color Palate

Most department stores are decorated in a dull and stultifying beige. Set yourself apart by picking a palate that really suits you. Whether you decide to give your boutique a peacock feel with blue, green and deep indigo, or you decide that you want something somewhat mod with lime green and white, commit to your color scheme. Simply remember that you want to make the most of your light. If you get little enough light as it is, commit to paler shades and use white trim to make everything shine.

A little bit of thought and some design ideas can really make your boutique into a place that sooths the mind and stimulates your ability to sell. Good business is thinking not only about what you are going to sell, but how you are going to sell it!

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