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Tips to Ensure Care Of Janitorial Equipment for the Best Cleaning and Hygiene

 Tips to Ensure Care Of Janitorial Equipment for the Best Cleaning and Hygiene

Spending on the janitorial services of your company and home is important and absolutely necessary to maintain the basic standards of hygiene. To uphold the workplace hygiene policies, you must ensure that the janitorial staff is doing their job properly and they have the right equipment for it.

People often forget to look into whether the proper equipment is available or is in working condition from time to time. If you are the head of janitorial services or a homemaker who the responsibility of making sure the basic hygiene standards prevail in the workplace and at home, you must immediately look into the matter.

Importance Of Hygiene In The Workplace

The importance of hygiene in any living or working environment cannot be more stressed upon. Not only is it the basic right of every staff of your company, it is the minimal amenity that any office should provide. A clean and healthy atmosphere can have a direct effect on the efficiency of the workforce. There are a few things that the janitors must keep in mind to avoid said distress. I have tried to list such tips in this article.

Care Of Janitorial Equipment

These following points when kept in mind can help properly maintain the janitorial equipment. In the long run, this can avoid spending more money and ensure basic cleanliness. They are:

    • Looking into the working condition of the electrical equipments specifically vacuum cleaners, from time to time can help cut the costs of having to purchase brand new ones in the future. Having them in proper working condition helps them clean effectively, ensuring a hygienic environment. The moving parts may need slight repairs which you can do yourself. Checking the condition of the machine earlier can make sure that you get the repairs done by the distributor’s shop within the warranty period.

  • Floor burnishers generally last about 10 to 15 years. They are mostly hardy machines but the motor may need some repairs from time to time. Upon detecting motor related problems, stop using the machine as this may aggravate the flaw. With auto scrubbers, the repair and maintenance may become a little tricky and is best left for a technician to deal with.
  • The biggest concern with floor machines is not with motor but the squeegee. The squeegee ends up accumulating a lot of dirt, lint and other debris which may be a bit difficult to clean. If it has rips or is torn, it can clean ineffectively producing streaks on the floor.

When it comes to janitorial service, it is not a onetime thing. You have to constantly check whether everything is working properly and do the necessary repairs. This enhances the longevity of the machines and cuts future costs.

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