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Interior Decorating: How to Decorate Your Home for the Holiday Season

How to Decorate Your Home for the Holiday Season


The most wonderful time of the year is often celebrated by making homemade cookies and decorating each room of the house. For those who want to create a winter wonderland in their own home, there are a few ways to decorate to fully embrace the holiday season. From garland that is hung on the mantle to candles that create a stunning centerpiece, there are a few ways to decorate your home and transform the space.

Use Old Bottles for Candlesticks

Instead of sticking with traditional candlestick holders, opt for using antique bottles that can be used as a decorative accent throughout the home. Opt for clear and brown bottles that can be found at flea markets or antique stores. When the candles are lit, it will create a stunning visual that will enhance the magic of the season.

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Incorporate Oak Furniture

Dress up your home with oak furniture that looks rustic and traditional for a classic Christmas scene that isn’t overly modern. For a beautiful entryway, consider adding an oak bench that can be decorated with festive pillows and warm throws. A rocking chair and glider from a place likeThe New Oak Tree can also make for an incredible touch next to the Christmas tree for a cozy look that enhances the comfort in the room.

Hang Icicles from Chandeliers

Bring the winter weather indoors by hanging glass icicles to various chandeliers throughout the home. It’s a modern twist from traditional mistletoe and will create a beautiful visual that will allow the light from the fixture to be reflected on each icicle. The icicles also make for a beautiful addition to a Christmas tree or when hung from the mantle on the fireplace.

Mount Wreaths on the Windows

To enhance your view of the snow falling outside, add wreaths to different windows in the home by hanging them with red ribbon. The wreaths can be hung at different lengths in the middle of each window for a beautiful display that will add extra decorations near the walls.

When it comes to decorating your home for the holiday, there are creative ways to enhance the warmth of the space instead of sticking with traditional garland or stockings that are hung on the fireplace. Allow natural elements from the outdoors to be incorporated into the home for a beautiful environment that will allow you to celebrate the season and embrace each moment of it.

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