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Home redecoration is often hard work that requires preparation so you do not cross the budget. Even if you planned everything in advance, things may get complicated and you may realize you cannot change kitchen furniture or bathroom cabinets. Do you know that you can improve your home with little money or no money at all? Much can be saved on home decoration if you are willing to invest your time and creativity in the project. Expensive details or pieces of furniture you see at your friends’ may become part of your interior too. All you need to do is analyze things you want to change and learn about money saving tips.

Visit second-hand shops or department stores where you can find home accessories on sale or clearance, clean your garage or attic to find useful details you can later use and add in your list of house improvement ideas.


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Decorate the Hall

This is the first room your guests or friends see when they open the door so make it impressive with mirrors, family photos or plants. Nice baskets and a vintage table with a few vases filled with flowers will do the trick.

 Decorate Your Bathroom

You can start with painting the walls your favorite colour. It does not matter if it is pink or red, paint it the colour you will enjoy, the one that relaxes you while having a bath. When your finish the walls, decorate the bathroom mirror with shells. Glue shells and pebbles around it and create a unique frame or change the shower curtains , hooks and hang small pictures on one wall. You can use natural material to make your own pictures, dried flowers, pebbles or shells. You can also fill jars with salts and soaps , replace old faucets with modern ones or change bathroom mats.

Change The Lights

Instead of spending money on expensive ceiling lamps, try to use small lamps in the corners to lighten areas in the room that are important. Air conditioning is helpful in summer but if you are into eco-friendly style of living then consider ceiling fan repair and installation that should not cost much and will provide fresh air in hot days. A few recessed lights over your kitchen cabinets can do miracles not only in terms of design but also to make your kitchen activities easier. Add a few crystals to the chandelier for a more elegant look and enjoy.


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 Reface Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets

This can be done by painting the cabinets or you can change the door pulls. Many interesting home décor elements are sold online or in stores such as IKEA and DIY. When redecorating the kitchen you may also change the tiles or add one or two more rows in contrast colours. You can buy small shelves and install them instead of old cabinets or add several plants that will change the whole bathroom and make it look more comfortable.


Redesign Your Furniture

Your living room will get a completely new look if you only move furniture pieces and add new cushions and pastel covers. Try mixing different styles and shapes , find interesting coffee tables and paint them. You can add baskets for toys and newspapers, rugs and colourful blankets. Never forget to hang huge mirrors on the walls that reflect light and create mystery. Visit  at Wakefield Electric Systems Design & Installation.







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