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Doggone Beautiful: Home Decor Ideas for Dog Owners

Doggone Beautiful: Home Decor Ideas for Dog Owners

Decorating your home involves choosing furniture, putting up artwork, painting, selecting flooring and more. All of these choices reveal something about your personality and personal tastes. But, what if you are the dedicated owner of a dog? You may be worried about the damage your furry friend can do to furniture, rugs and other things in your home’s décor. The answer is pet-friendly decorating. Check out ten decorating ideas that are perfect for dog owners.


Go with Repositionable Carpet Tiles

Instead of getting traditional wall-to-wall carpeting for your home, think about repositionable carpet tiles. These can easily be removed and cleaned if your dog has an accident or becomes sick on one area of the floor. Plus, if you can’t clean the stain, you can order a replacement tile instead of tearing up an entire section of wall-to-wall carpet. The best thing about carpet tiles is you have a variety of styles, patterns and solid colors to choose from. You are sure to find carpet tile that flows with the vision you have for your living room, bedroom, dining room, finished basement etc.


Ceramic Tile for Your Kitchen

Do you keep your dog’s food and water bowls in the kitchen? Even if you don’t, your dog is likely to spend a lot of time in the kitchen watching you cook, prepare snacks and load the dishwasher. Ceramic tile is an excellent choice if you have a dog because the material resists scratches from your pet’s nails. This is a positive alternative to getting another type of floor and declawing your dog. Plus, it is a cool surface to take a nap on if your dog likes to take breaks throughout the day. Ceramic tile is available in many patterns in both light and dark colors. You can even get ceramic tile designed to look like wood planks! For added interest, you can put down a small rug or mat with an image of your dog on it. Use it to stand on as you wash dishes or put it under your dog’s bowls.


 Choose Your Carpet with Your Dog’s Coat in Mind

If you would like wall-to-wall carpet in your house, think about your dog’s coat as you choose its color. For instance, if you have a chocolate lab, then dark brown or navy-blue carpet may be best. Any hair your dog sheds onto the carpet will not be as obvious.


Incorporate a Pet Bed into the Décor

If you want your dog to stay off your furniture, give it a place of its own. You can go with a traditional cushion pet bed to put in one area of the room. You’ll have to take some time to train your dog to go to the pet bed whenever it enters the room. If you want to go with a more exciting design for your dog’s bed, there are many styles available that look like miniature pieces of furniture!


Consider Versatile Furniture Covers

If you don’t mind your dog using your chairs and sofa, think about investing in a few furniture covers. These are inexpensive and available in many colors and styles. They are made to put over chair seats, recliners and sofas so your dog can sit on the furniture without touching its fabric. They can be removed and washed easily. One of the best pet-friendly bedroom ideas is to put a furniture cover over the foot of the bed where your dog can nap during the day. When it comes to dog related home décor, furniture covers of all shapes and sizes allow your pet the freedom to relax while keeping your sofas and chairs in good condition.



Artwork with a Dog Theme

Some of the best dog décor ideas can be brought to life on the walls of your bedroom, living room or guest room. A collection of framed photos of your dog is a traditional favorite of many pet owners. But, why not go with something more unique? For instance, ask a local painter to create a watercolor of your dog based on a favorite photo. Or, find some of your favorite photographs of your dog and make a collage with them in a shape such as a dog bone or a heart. Attach the collage to a French memo board or even a canvas from the local craft store. Another idea is to take a favorite action photo of your dog and find an art shop online that will enlarge it and put it onto a canvas. It is sure to grab the attention of your friends as they spot it hanging on your wall.


Choose Tables with Curved Edges

If you have a big active dog such as a Dalmatian, Doberman or German shepherd, then go with tables that have curved edges. For instance, get a round wooden coffee table or oval dining room table. So, when your large dog comes bounding into the room, it won’t be injured if it runs into one of the tables in your living room or dining room. You can have stylish tables in your home’s décor without worrying about injuring your active canine.


 Select Attractive Enhancements for Your Décor

 Creating a dog themed room décor is easy with the help of a few extras added around the room. For instance, shop for a blanket decorated with images of your dog and drape it over the back of your living room sofa. You can use it to keep your feet warm as you watch television and it adds pizzazz to the room. Another idea is to put up dog themed wallpaper in your bathroom. Put the wallpaper on just one wall so it stands out from the three other solid walls. Throw pillows featuring the images of dogs are also a nice touch on a bed in the guest room or master bedroom.

 An Attractive Curio Cabinet for Breakables

If you have dog related home décor such as plates, glass figurines and other knickknacks that feature canines you need a safe place to keep them. Avoid putting them out on end tables or low shelves where your dog could knock them over. Instead, get a curio cabinet so you can keep your breakable items safe while admiring them through the glass doors.

 A Dog-Friendly Entrance

When you and your dog come through the front door after a walk in the rain, you want your pet to have a chance to clean its feet before entering the main area of your home. So, an area rug covering the ceramic tile in your entryway is a good idea. Also, paint the walls of your entryway with paint that is easy to clean. If your dog shakes after entering your home, you can simply wipe down the walls to clear away the splashed mud. Install a few hooks on the wall for your coat, the dog leash and other items.

Lastly, with a little planning, you can create a décor that you, your family and your beloved dog enjoy!

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Olivia Harper is the co-founder of the blog Daily Dog Stuff. She is a reserved and passionate pet parent who loves to spend time with her Sibe that keeps her active and social. See more of her guides and tips by visiting the blog or following their Facebook page @dailydogstuff.

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