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Design Dreams: Exotic Details for Your Family Room

Exotic Design Ideas For Your Family Room

When designing a family room, many homeowners want to create a space that is both comfortable for themselves and appealing to guests. Whether it’s by drawing inspiration from exotic locales, or simply taking the opportunity to create a long awaited dream house, the design of a family room can be a fun and functional experience. Here are just a few tips to get the process started.
Design What You Like
If you’ve ever enjoyed traveling to distant places, you probably enjoyed reminiscing about your experiences there. A great way to relive a fun experience, is to draw on the feeling of that location. If you had a great time in Italy for example, try looking at pictures of Italian villas and thinking about how you might recreate their look in your own home. Are there any patterns you notice? Perhaps an exposed set of beams on the ceiling would make your family room perfect, or a “fresco”-style coat of paint on the walls will draw visitors into a perfect Italian vacation in the here and now. Whatever the style you choose, make sure you feel happy there, and it’s likely your guests will too.

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Try for Consistency
Whichever look you eventually decide on, try for consistency throughout the room. Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of creating a “safari” appearance to your family space, and have a few pieces of antique furniture, or sculpture from Kenya that really tie your room together. Perhaps you’re even starting from scratch. Don’t worry! With a bit of searching through antique shops, a consistent look is something that a homeowner can create over time. Don’t rush on the perfect pieces. Instead, try to make every piece in your family room feel right. Remember, if you please yourself with your design, you’ll be sure to please others.

Blend the Inside Look with the Outdoor Space
One of the pleasures of DIY projects for a home is the chance to create a synergy between a house’s interior design with its exterior. Whether it’s in creating a small pond for exotic fish, or building a Japanese-style tea house in the garden, the establishment of a good thematic connection between a house’s interior and exterior is a great way to wow guests and family. Connecting the two with Design Furnishings wicker itemsfor summer iced tea-and-conversation sessions is the perfect way to blend the worlds of family room and garden.To find out more about how to tie a backyard to the rest of the house, check out these ideas.

For these reasons, finding the perfect exotic look for your home’s family room doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, the process can be enjoyable and rewarding. The trick to creating a perfect family room is to make sure that you’re happy with the results. If you have fun creating your family room, then the chances are good that others will enjoy spending time there. Above all else, have fun!

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