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Wrought Iron or Vinyl? 4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Fence for Your Home

Deciding between real wrought iron and decorative vinyl fencing is easy when homeowners consider four important differences. The price of installation must be considered when there is a budget. The length of time and difficulty of installation is another consideration. Deciding on the time and budget for regular maintenance is an important factor in fencing material choices. Finally, how long the material will last is a big thing to think about before making a final decision. Finding out the answers to these four things can help homeowners save a lot of time and money in the long run.


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Price differences

Real wrought iron costs about the same or a little more than vinyl fences. The problem with cost comparison between these materials is the availability of custom materials. Custom vinyl panels can be created to match difficult hills or uneven land with ease. Wrought iron can also be bought as a pre-manufactured panel that can be customized on-site.

Ease of installation

Comparing available materials by price per foot is a good way to get a figure for each material. Labor costs must also be fit into the budget for a correct comparison. A vinyl fence uses anchor poles every six feet where a wrought iron fence only needs them every eight feet. If you have a large yard, it can cost a lot more to install the vinyl fence.


Metal rusts, so it is sufficient to say that wrought iron requires more maintenance than a vinyl fence. Vinyl fences can be hosed off easily and no regular maintenance is required. Wrought iron fences must be scraped and painted. They need to have waterproof sealer added after painting to help the paint last as long as possible. Installing a wrought iron fence requires regular maintenance over a long term period.


Vinyl fence materials are made of a composite material that is designed to be tough and stand up to wind, debris, and regular wear and tear. A vinyl fence is not as durable as wrought iron, though. Wrought iron lasts for decades with proper maintenance and is not as susceptible to chipping and breakage as vinyl. Things like rust, and water stains are also things to consider, and asking a company that does wrought iron and vinyl fencing in St. George Utah, would be a good idea.

Choosing between vinyl and wrought iron fences depends on the time the homeowner has for maintenance. It also relies on the length of the fence because the upfront costs of the material are very similar, but labor costs can be very different. The length of time that a homeowner is going to use the fence also plays into homeowner preferences.

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