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Wind – The greatest enemy of windows

Wind – Your Window’s Greatest Enemy?

Windows are built to last, made to withstand whatever the elements can dish out. They’re definitely doing good work keeping moisture and harsh temperatures at bay but there is one enemy that windows have to particularly be wary of: the wind. To be clear, not all winds are damaging. But when they start blowing hard enough to rattle your windows, it’s difficult not to be worried. What harm can winds bring to your windows?

  1. They can knock off windows

During bad weather, winds can pack quite a punch. Unfortunately, a window’s air-tight seal makes it especially vulnerable against strong winds because it absorbs their full force. Extremely strong gusts of winds have been known to knock window panels off their frame, essentially leaving a home without a window to protect it.
  1. They can slam windows on themselves

If a closed window is highly vulnerable to strong winds, will opening it lessen the risks? Not really, especially if you have a hinged window. Even moderate wind can push a window’s panels with enough force for them to violently slam shut or against other objects, causing more damage. Not to mention that leaving a window open during bad weather will present you with a different set of problems related to cleaning up the mess that letting in debris and water dealt on your home.
  1. They can bring damaging debris

As if the wind doesn’t have the ability to damage your windows on its known, it also likes bringing friends to the party in the form of debris. Light objects like leaves and plastic bags are unlikely to cause you any trouble but you should be worried about heavier debris, like branches, that can punch through your window when hurled at fast-enough speeds and in the right angle.

Depending on the size of whatever hits your window, you can expect anything from small cracks on the glass to completely broken sashes.

  1. They can threaten windows both on the short- and long-term

Wind isn’t a one-time menace; as long as it keeps blowing, it will continuously wear out your windows, constantly pushing until seals break down. And when seals break, they create gaps that could serve as entry points for rain and more wind, which will bring more problems to your home.

Is there anything you can do against the wind?

There’s no stopping the wind but you can help ensure your windows last through the strongest gusts by choosing reliable replacements. Older windows have already been weathered so they are simply less equipped to handle the challenges that strong winds bring. If you’re already feeling drafts or find that you’re never achieving the indoor temperature you like, it may be time to replace your windows. Don’t wait for a strong wind to knock yours down until you consider getting new windows. Get your window replacement from a reputable contractor and you’ll also assured of proper installation, which guarantees that a window performs as it should.


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Joe Ronzino has been in the home improvement business since the mid 70s, and is currently the president of Renewal by Andersen of Long Island. He combines his experience in the industry with advanced training from Renewal by Andersen to help customers in finding the right products for their home. For updates from Joe, check out the company blog!


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