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Why Is Everyone Pressure Washing Cape Cod Homes?

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is a way to clean the exterior of your house as well as the deck, driveway, outdoor furniture, and walkway. For businesses in Cape Cod, pressure washing is used to clean the exterior of them along with their sidewalks and parking lots.

Pressure washing Cape Cod homes or businesses can maximize the appearance is a cost-effective manner. It makes the home or business look cleaner, newer, and if the home or business structure is for sale, it makes it much more appealing and easier to sell.

While there is equipment you can purchase from the local hardware stores in Cape Cod, pressure washing done by a professional is more effective and thorough. Most machine versions that are available at a retail or rental level are not going to be as powerful as those a pressure washing that Cape Cod professional uses. when used by a novice, is not going to get you the level of clean that you want. If an inexperienced person were to use a commercial-grade machine, they could easily set the pressure too high and cause damage to the siding and landscape.

What Does Pressure Washing Cape Cod Structures Do For Them?

It is a common thought from most that you only get your home in Cape Cod serviced with pressure washing prior to having it painted. And while this is usually done so that all the dirt, dust, grime, mildew, and mold are removed, it is beneficial to have it done other times as well.

  • Improve the exterior by removing discoloration from UV rays, stains left from tree sap, and unsightly marks like those left from basketball games.
  • Remove any harmful contaminants that are clinging to the siding like mildew, mold, and other substances that are slowly eating any wood siding or roofing shingles. Pressure washing your Cape Cod home or business exterior will help eliminate the airborne matters that trigger allergies and more around it.
  • A Cape Cod pressure washing service is an investment in your home or business because it expands the lifespan of the exterior and enhances the details of the structure. For a historical building, commercial or residential, this can bring out the uniqueness of the era it was built.

Not All Pressure Washing Levels Are The Same

Not all Cape Cod pressure washing levels are equal, thus the term often has a negative association by most business owners and homeowners. The word “pressure” leads them to believe the process is using a strong force of water that can damage the exterior.

And while this is true, pressure washing by Cape Cod professionals is the strongest pressure possible. But it is the experienced professional that knows when to use a lower pressure versus the higher pressure. Here, we explain the different levels of strength that are used.

A Low-Pressure Washing Process

If a Cape Cod pressure washing professional describes their technique as using a low-pressure wash, this doesn’t mean the surface isn’t cleaned thoroughly. They are using the distance to achieve a negative reaction from the pressure washing process so as not to damage the shingles and certain types of exterior siding, like a home with older aluminum siding.

A High-Pressure Washing Process

When a professional pressure washing Cape Cod contractor suggests using a high-pressure washing process, it is usually concrete surfaces like parking lots and sidewalks. They will also use this method of pressure washing for boats, decking, and furniture. It is also used to remove old paint prior to a new paint job or to remove graffiti.

If a surface has been neglected for a long period of time, high-pressure wash will be used to remove the alga, lichen, mildew, and mold that has accumulated. Typically, a Cape Cod pressure washing service will use a high-pressure method to apply chemicals onto those types of surfaces.

A Hot Water Pressure Wash Process

This process is not typically used on residential structures. For commercial structures where there is heavy equipment and machinery used or serviced, a hot water pressure washing Cape Cod professional will utilize it to degrease that equipment or machinery. It has been utilized for cleaning swimming pools and removing graffiti if the basic high-pressure washing process did not complete the job.

Why You Should Hire A Professional Cape Cod Pressure WashingService

You can do your own pressure washing, but hiring a professional service is best for several reasons such as they are the experts. This is what they do, all day every day. The inexperienced person is more likely to use the equipment wrong, use the wrong chemicals or pressure setting which can damage the surface being washed.

Second, it is safer because they are professionals at pressure washing Cape Cod homes, they are trained and know the precautions needed, from lifting equipment to carrying that equipment while climbing a ladder.

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