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Where to Start When Tackling that Huge Home Decor Project

A home decor project can transform a room or an entire house. It can make living areas warmer, more inviting and more interesting. A large home decor project should not be started piecemeal without any advanced knowledge or planning. There are several things to do when starting to tackle a huge home decor project.

Create a Written and Detailed Plan

The first step should be to write a complete plan that includes measurements, a timeline and other details. Colors for paints, fabrics or materials should be chosen from official swatches or paint chips. The plan should not leave out any details. This will ensure there are no surprises during the project. A detailed plan will also keep anyone working on the project focused on what has to be done at any given point.

Where to Start When Tackling that Huge Home Decor Project

Gather All Materials, Supplies and Tools

The project should not begin until all the materials, supplies and tools are purchased and gathered together. The exact list of what is needed should be taken from the detailed plan. Every gallon of paint, every special tool and every supply like adhesives or bolts of fabric should be purchased. This will make certain that everyone can work according to the plan. It prevents impromptu changes if supplies are not available. It will also make the work go faster.


Provide Ventilation

Most large home decor projects involve materials that will release particulates or fumes into the room. These could be volatile organic compounds from adhesives, fumes from paint or particulates from drilling and cutting into walls. It is important to provide some type of ventilation while working. Open windows and a ceiling fan are not enough. It is usually a good idea to have a few fans available that can be moved around as the project progresses. Strong fans will prevent fumes and particulates from accumulating.


Clear Furniture from the Area

No project should begin until the furniture is cleared out of each room. Attempting to work around furniture can cause injuries, damage upholstery and reduce the quality of the work. Homeowners will want to place furniture outside the house in a location like Extra Space Storage that rents secure units. Placing furniture in storage will give everyone an open work area.


Consult With Experts

A huge home decor project that relies on techniques or materials homeowners are not familiar with should be run by a professional before starting. Experts are available in many places such as a home improvement store. Experts can look at the plan and find any flaws that could cause unexpected problems after starting. They can also sometimes suggest better materials or strategies that will make the project go more smoothly.

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