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When Curtains Weave Magic!!

After a long tired day at work, it is home we all look forward to. Our root, our center, a place where we can be ourselves, completely. A place where we can throw all worries out of the window and relax. Our own little abode of peace and love our home gifts us. Quite obviously, it depends upon us to make the place where we reign more beautiful, calmer and lovelier place to dwell.
Few tips to make your personal palace worth a visit and well, who doesn’t like envious friends passing on complements to a lovingly done up home.
Good inflow of light into the rooms infuse a lot of positivity in and around the house. Add curtains to it, and the game of light and shadow is triply more exciting. One of the easiest, quickest and most affordable way to refresh the look of your house is by changing curtains.

Colorman, Which Color Do You Choose?

 eyelet curtains

Colors weave their own magic and different shades speak differently.

  • If you think of adding life to an evidently quiet room, you should add more colors to it, including colorful curtains. Red, yellow pink are warm and vibrant.
  • Softer colors like grey, white and blue make the room look more peaceful and calm.
  • Earthy tones like green and brown gives the resident a closer feel to nature.

What Does The Length Of Curtains Say About Your Home?

 images 2

  • Longer curtains add a royal and formal feel to the rooms.
  • Curtains that fall and touch the ground gives a plush, palace like feel to your room.
  • Shorter ones give it a very easy and casual feel.
  • Also the length of the curtains determine how much light is allowed to enter your room.

The Magic Of Light And Dark


  • Layering fabrics work wonderfully well filtering lights inside a room.
  • Laces make a room look classy while different fabrics have different effect on the color and availability of light inside a room.
  • Stiff cotton, fabric and insulated curtains block the entry of extra light into a room and thus you can very well control the entry of light through curtains.
  • Curtains are meant for maintaining privacy as well so think well before choosing the correct color and material.

Added Accessories

Whether you want it simple or customized, depends on you essentially. The quality of rods and hangers would determine the drape and fall of the curtain that obviously adds to the over all look and feel of the room.

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