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Weathering Winter: Tips to Scale Down on Spring Repairs

Weathering Winter: Tips to Scale Down on Spring Repairs


With serious snow storms and the weight of heavy ice and negative temperatures, it is no surprise that the home takes on some damage during the winter months. But winter does not just leave its mark during its own season, but the next one as well. Too many individuals have filled their first weeks of spring with home repairs but, with a little preparation, home owners can keep the winter damage out of their spring.

Check the Roof
Before winter starts and after it starts coming to an end, check the roof for any damage or loose and missing shingles. Since the roof is the home’s main defense against water damage, it is important that any roofing problems are fixed before and after the winter season.

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Clean Out the Gutters
The gutters across the roof are also an essential defense against water damage. During the autumn season, leaves can build up inside the gutters, so it is important to get them clean before winter. Also, winter storms can carry a lot of debris into the gutters that will need to be cleaned out before spring.

Block the Bug Paths

In order to reduce the risk of springtime crawlers coming into the home, home owners should trim branches and tree limbs that reach toward the house before the weather starts getting warm. Also, inspect the home for cracks in the walls or window rims where any bugs could crawl through. This is can be extremely important for basements as well.

Trim the Trees
Another reason other than bug paths to trim dead branches and tree limbs is to reduce the risk of winter storms causing tree limbs to hit the house and cause damage that will need to be repaired come springtime. Even in winter you can cut back branches so they become less of a damage inducer.

Re-Paint the Exterior

Inspect the exterior of the house for any areas that need new paint. During winter storms, any chipped paint areas can easily become twice as damaged. If the paint is replaced in advance, it will strengthen it, thus making it less likely that a new coat will be needed once spring arrives.

Caulk Up the Openings
Inspect the house for any areas around windows, doors, and things such as dryer vents, cable and phone lines, or gas lines that need to be caulked up. Also, look at the areas in the home where two different building materials meet for small areas that need to be re-caulked. According to Reitzel Insulation Co Ltd, this is also a good time to check the Burlington insulation to be sure it doesn’t need replacing. Most of us forget that insulation helps in the summer and spring as much as in the winter.

While winter can be brutal, it should not ruin spring as well. Prepare the home before and after winter in order to make spring the relaxing season we all want it to be.


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