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How to organize and create more space in wardrobe

The obsession of organizing closets never gets old. We clean the wardrobes all the time but then again someone does a trick and it’s all full of mess again. Every single space present in your wardrobe holds a good amount of importance. All of us love organized wardrobes and clean closet spaces and there are some easy hacks and tricks you can do for creating more space without a lot of effort. For starters follow some of the following tips that will help you to easily determine more space in the wardrobe.

Clean it up:

Cleaning up the wardrobe is the first thing you need to do. Clear out the entire cluster see what you need and donate all the clothing items and other accessories you don’t need any more. This would automatically create more space in the wardrobe.

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Use shelves dividers:

Shelve dividers help out a lot in making compartments in the closet, they allow you to keep more folder clothes inside them. Knowing your unused storage spaces inside the wardrobe help you have more storage space inside the bed. Frequently used items should be kept on eye level.

Storage boxes:

Storage boxes help you out in making different categories and creating more space for accessories and to keep folded t-shirts etc. You old shoe boxes can be used for making the compartments in the closet. They add more organization and structure in to the wardrobe. Utilizing every single corner of the wardrobe is important but that also needs to be done efficiently so that everything you require is in your reach. Utilizing all the dead spaces in closet serves a lot of space. Adding baskets can also help in keeping the items inside them.

Add lights:

Adding lights inside the corners of your closet or wardrobe acts as an efficient tool as it gives you whole view so that things don’t get ignored. When there are lights in the wardrobe or closet it gets easy to locate where everything is placed


Add hooks:

Adding hooks into the wardrobe or the extra hanging rails can also help in creating more space in the wardrobe. Curtain rails also act as an efficient tool for placing your scarves. You can put the curtain rails in one hanger and keep the scarves on it. Inside the door you can attach the rods and hooks where you can hang the bags or your scarves.

Seasonal clothes:

Keep only seasonal clothes in your wardrobe or closet, the other clothes can be kept in separate boxes and bags. That way they won’t take up all the space in the closet. You can also keep the storage boxes of your non-seasonal clothes on the top of your closet.

Following these tips will help you in getting more space in the wardrobe. There is no need to think that if you have a small space then you don’t have enough storage capacity. If you organize and follow some of these simple and smart hacks you will get enough storage space in your closet without having to buy another storage space. Make sure you clean and organize the wardrobe once in a week so that all of a sudden you don’t have to panic when the whole wardrobe clothes fall on you. Folding the clothes properly every time you do the laundry and then putting it in the wardrobe helps in putting less effort when you have to re organize the wardrobe.

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