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Almost every home has a series of unused spaces or that one room that somehow hasn’t been assigned a specific function. Instead of just letting this extra bit of room go to waste, you can put it to good use in a variety of exciting ways.

Design A Home Office

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If you have an unused room or empty space in your home, you can convert it into a small work space where you can retire for a bit of peace every day. It doesn’t require much effort; all you need is a small table,some cushions, your laptop and your favourite chair, and you’re good to go! Here you can do your work, study for tough exams or simply relax with a good book away from the noise and clamorof the main house.

Play Area ForYour Children

Children are lively and energetic and need a place where they can play at leisure. As a family with small kids, it’s a great idea to convert an unused room into a play area for your kids. This can be a fun project to undertake for both parents and children, as well as a creative use of extra space. Involve your kids in designing the layout and décor of the playroom. It’s one of the best ways to utilize space and also makes for a good activity to keep children occupied.

Add Shelves

A good way to make use of those neglected corner spaces is to build wall shelves. Shelving not only adds to the general décor of the room, but it will also help in de-cluttering your home. Transform dull and boring spaces into interesting and exciting display options. You can put your books, decorative pieces and other items on the shelves. This has a dual benefit: it’s a good way to keep the house neat and tidy by keeping knickknacks in one place, and it will also give a fresh change to the look of your house.

Walk-In Closet

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With a bit of work, unused rooms can be converted into that walk-in closetyou’vealwayssecretly dreamed about. Remodel small, empty spaces into a closet creation you can get the best out of. Walk-in closets are highly in vogue these days and excellent for storing your clothes, shoes and accessories. Here’s your chance to have one for your very own use!

Think Green

An interesting way you can utilize unused space is to create a small indoor garden. By adding a few of your favourite green plants, shrubs and herbs, you can have your very own functional garden that you will enjoy tending all year round. Plants are highly beneficial as they cleanse the air we breathe, add to the aesthetic beauty of the room and also give homes an overall fresh and healthy atmosphere.

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Make Room For Storage

Unused nooks and crannies make excellent storage areas for those piles of miscellaneous boxes and trunks that have been lying around for ages. Instead of leaving junk lying where it will slowly degenerate or within easy reach of children, store it in unused corners or rooms for a perfect clutter solution.

These are all ways you can get the best use of unused and unwanted spaces, and give your home layout a new meaning. Best of all, it’s all highly simple and requires only the minimum of effort on your part!


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