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Use Feng Shui Tips For All Round Balance and Harmony

Feng Shui Tips For  All Round Balance and Harmony

 The stressful lives that we lead on daily bases make us feel as if we do not belong anywhere, that everything happening around us is to hectic and that the impact our surrounding has on us I such that no matter how long the days and nights were, we would never have enough time to complete all the things we need to, let alone have some time for ourselves or enough time to spend relaxing with our families. Just like that sentence, thoughts stream our consciousness like a never ending chain of events, without a break or stop. It was high time you changed something.

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Changing the business environment or the pace life goes in around us is out of our reach and powers. However, changing our home character is something plausible. Creating an environment that will reconnect us with nature, slow the rhythm and bring the balance we lost back into our lives is what majority of us would benefit from. This is what feng shui is all about. Here, we will provide advice on how to implement its principles to your home as easy as possible.


The Feng Shui Tips / principles


Feng shui relies on implementation of five principles of power simultaneously.

 Principle one: Chi, a life force energy that is constantly moving, an energy filler and your power force. The best scenario is to keep it in free but slow and steady flow, never blocked by things that surround you and never storming through your home.

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 Principle two: five elements blend. Everything around us consists of five elements and if we want our lives to be harmonic, they have to be perfectly balanced. The five elements, with the colors symbolizing them are: Fire (emotion-red, orange and purple), Earth (stability-brown and yellow), Metal (strength-white and metallic), Water (inspiration-black and blue) and Wood (growth-green and teal)

Principle three: Bagua, a chart presenting the best manner to balance the elements to reach harmony in all important areas of our lives, such as health, family, love, prospect and career, for example.

Principle four: yin and yang. Yin embodies female characteristics and yang portrays male ones, as the two opposites we need to have in order to keep our lives balanced and harmonic.

And, finally, Principle five: Connected-ness and continuity. If we wish to keep our lives in harmony and balance, we have to be a part of the nature surrounding us, never disconnect from it and always continuing its spirit.

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Since Chi enters your home through any entrance point it is necessary to keep them as obstacle free as possible. Make sure that the pathway leading to your front or back door is always clear and unblocked. The same thing applies to the windows as well. Furthermore, you wish to make the flow of Chi inside your house free and uninterrupted too. In order to make that happen, the best way is to declutter the house as much as possible. Get rid of all the furniture and things you do not really use and do not block any spots in your house. Raising your furniture on feet is another useful action since it will also enable the flow of Chi.


Adding warmth to the atmosphere is another great way of keeping the balance. Paint the walls of your home in soft palette combination of five elements principle colors. Adding floor covers is a great addition, too. You can pick and buy rugs online in all imaginable combinations of material and patterns to blend them to your choice of wall color.



Creating a garden feng shui corner is also highly beneficial in order to get even closer to nature whenever time allows. Implement the combination of five principle elements and plant flowers in their corresponding colors. Adding a fountain is always a good thing, so is positioning a table with chairs for each of your family members where you will spend time together letting Chi to flow among you freely.

As you can see, it does not take too much money or energy to adapt your house to feng shui principles. On the other hand, even if it did, it would be worthwhile since the results will be rewarding and long lasting. Remember, feng shui is a spiritual, not a material thing.

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