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Why Should You Go For Underfloor Heating?

Are you tired of finding new ways to keep the inside of your house warm and comfortable in the winter months? Then you should try out Underfloor Heating or UFH. It is not only an energy-efficient way to keep yourself warm in the winters but is also an effective space-saver too. But aren’t there different other ways to get what you desire that is stopping you from considering UFH? I’ll tell you why it is better.

Coming to the space-saving feature, UFH does not require a wall to be fixed to. As a result, no area inside the house needs to be captured by the space taken by UFH (it’s underfloor after all). Moreover, UFH does not have a radiator and the heat remains mainly in the lower half of the room. This means that there are lesser chances of the heat getting wasted.

There are mainly 2 types of Underfloor Heating:

#1. Electric Mat Systems

In this system, the cables are attached to mesh mats which are open-weave. Once the mats are connected together, they are spread out on the floor and gets linked with the power supply. Moreover, latest technology has brought forward a new type of system where the elements can be embedded into a continuous roll.

While this system is cheaper to install and causes less disruption than the hot-water system, it is also more expensive to run.

#2. Hot-water Systems

The central heating system supplies warm water which is pumped through plastic pipes. These pipes are spread across the sub floor before the final surface of the floor is installed. As it has been pointed out earlier, this system is more cost-effective than the electric mat system. The reason behind this is that hot-water system uses water at a temperature lower than standard radiators.


You might feel that UFH is only suited for ground-floor rooms. In reality, however, this system is suited for any floor construction. So you don’t have to actually worry about the type of your floor. Just install it and enjoy its benefits for a long time.


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