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Top 5 Tips For Cleaning Furniture

Keep your furniture clean, and they will last longer, look more attractive and the everyday wear and tear will not leave many noticeable marks. Even though cleaning all the furniture in a house can be a large undertaking, but do not be scared. By following a few rules and simple steps, you will clean your furniture easily and efficiently.

Too bright is not alright

When setting up your furniture, try to avoid areas that are hit by direct Sun light, it will dry the furniture so cleaning will be harder. Also, the light will fade away the color and your furniture will lose its attractiveness, no matter how clean you keep it.

If possible use curtains and shades that will filter the light, so that your furniture last longer. Remember that exposing furniture to direct air conditioning is also not a good idea.

Top 5 tips for cleaning furniture

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Vacuuming and wiping

It is imperative that you keep a regular cleaning habit, which includes vacuuming. The less dirt and dust you have around in your house, the less you have to worry about getting dirt related stains on your furniture.

Remember that upholstery cleaning requires deep vacuuming once in a while to get rid of dust that has seeped deep into the fabric. For wooden furniture it is enough if you wipe the dust off weekly.

Using detergent or cleaning agents

Your furniture will require more in-depth cleaning than just vacuuming and wiping dust off. In that case it is best to either use recommended cleaning products or to mix your own. However, be careful to always experiment with home-made cleaning mixtures on small patches, so that you do not ruin your furniture.

Be extra careful when handling upholstered furniture, as moisture is your worst nightmare. Use as little water as possible and dry it immediately. If you are afraid you will ruin your furniture, you can always call up the expert cleaners.


To maintain the shininess and brightness of your furniture you can apply polishing creams or waxes from time to time. Polishing will also help to uphold texture and gives it a defensive coat against dust and dirt. Even upholstery furniture can be polished, just remember not to apply too much cream or wax so that you do not ruin the fabric.

Handle with care

Every cleaning session should be handled carefully. Try to lift and not to drag your furniture to avoid any damages. Remember that water is your friend, but to use it moderately as furniture can soak it up, especially when cleaning upholstery.

If it is possible, try to avoid placing furniture close to heating sources, as it will dry out your furniture, which will make cleaning it harder and it will attract more dust. Consider using air humidifiers in very warm rooms.

Removing stains as fast as possible can save your furniture from any real damage. This is especially important for preserving upholstery, act quickly and precisely.

Author: Sophie is an interior designer from Australia. Currently she is dealing with spring renovation and house cleaning. She enjoys in sharing her tips and experiences with other home improvement fans. Follow her on Twitter.

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