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Top 5 Garage Door Buying Tips For Your New Home

Top 5 Garage Door Buying Tips For Your New Home

Are you planning to buy a garage door, and be an expert in your first time? Then, here are a few tips to help the way of finding the right garage door for your home.

Garage doors are the main feature of the front of your home. Even if it’s placed to the side, it’s still huge and extremely detectable. Enhance the value of your home by increasing the curb appeal. So, add a pleasant new look to your new home!

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To give a good start to your search- Cost, appearance of your home with functionality are a part of the procedure, but on the other hand, security, guarantee, flexibility and value should be a part of the process.

Here are the top 5 garage door buying tips for your new home. Check it out…

Start with the material and cost

Add some spice to the character of your house by adding an ideal garage door. Do you need a great look or are you searching for something more contemporary, or rustic? The following are the famous garage door styles with cost:

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Steel is the most prominent material for garage doors. Steel is anything but difficult to keep up and can be protected to be more energy efficient. The normal cost for a 16-by-7 double door is around $750 to $3,500.

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Wood is another good decision to pick. You pay for a lovely, natural look with good maintenance. Wooden  doors should be repainted or re-recolored all the time. The normal cost for a 16-by-7 double door made up of quality wood is around $1,200 to more than $4,000.

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Aluminum is the least costly garage door in a few cases and very costly in others. It’s light which makes it simple to open manually, and useful for large openings. Nowadays, aluminum doors are sturdier than more established aluminum doors. The normal expense for a 16-by-7 double door is $1,500 to $2,000.

Match your home

Today’s garage doors come in a wide range of styles. You can find a door that resembles the opening to a walled Spanish mission for your regional home. Go modern and architectural with the look of smoked glass panels  in a smooth sleek frame. If you need a traditional panel garage for your home, consider spicing it up with some extra features.

 Color of your house and garage door

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If you can coordinate the color of your home’s main door with garage’s door, it will look outstanding and will give you an entwined look. If you need to be intense, paint your front door with the same color as your garage door. Try not to go pick too bright colors, if the garage door is big.

Security tips

Whether you are doing this for yourself or having an expert to achieve the errand, security is an absolute necessity. Proper installation and testing  is a must for the garage door of your home.

Remember! Never try to remove and install a garage door without appropriate knowledge, procedures and instruments. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If you run with an expert installer, ensure he is equipped with standard security gear.

Avoid misconceptions

If you’ve never bought a garage door, here are some basic misconceptions:

  • Purchasing a garage door opener is a different purchase, excluded in the cost of another garage door.
  • Inspired by carriage house doors? But think you do not have the space for doors that swing open? Not to stress! Carriage-house style doors just seem as though they swing open.
  • Must inquire whether the cost of the garage door includes installation. Probably, it will.

So, What kind of garage door do you think would look best on your home? Let us know your ideas in a comment below!

Author Bio: Oren Linder is the author and founder of ASAP Garage Door Services Inc. He loves to write about home improvement and his expertise is in garage doors.


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