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Top 10 things to do before buying a new house

Top 10 things to do before buying a new house

Do you suppose that buying a new house is a super-easy business? Do you think that a brand new property won’t bring you any issues? If you think so, then you have to learn a lot before buying a new home. Hundreds of expected and unexpected nuances are hidden behind the beautiful front side, crystal clean windows, and super spacious rooms. Let’s view most valuable tips and understand what to look for when buying a house.

  1. Looking for the best agent in the area. You can ask your contacts or friends if they can advise you the agent that they have cooperated with. In another case, you can find out more information about the agents on the internet or ask the people who have worked with them. It’s critical to find the estate agent who will provide you with the most important information and represent your interests. Don’t allow to cooperate with builder’s agent. If you do, then you risk co-operating with the agent who puts the builder’s interests in the first place.
  2. Ask for getting the most for the fixed price. The constructors don’t want to drop the prices down, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t trade a little bit. Don’t count for the discounts, but ask for more at the same price level. Of course, the builder doesn’t want to lose his profit, but he doesn’t want to lose the customer even more. The builder would rather accept little spendings than losing a client and remain his merchandise unsold. By the way, you can ask your agent to discover the current builder’s “style,” thus you can find out what exactly you can ask the constructor for the same price.

  3. Make sure everything to be written. Buying a freshly built house is not a street market buy. Everything you can negotiate with the builder should be fixed on the paper and controlled by somebody who can understand and sort out the key things. Don’t be shy about asking the lawyer’s help. Let him complete the work and consult with him during the papers formalization. That is an old business.
  1. Don’t expect too much. When you leaf through the internet pages you the see beautiful houses, and the builder claims that you can get the one for the lowest price. But it doesn’t mean that you can buy one of the houses you notice for the lowest price in the area. That’s just a marketing move to attract the customers. For the lowest price, the most you can get is an empty home with the cheapest decorating materials.
  2. Get to know more about the builder. It’s necessary to be sure that you cooperate with one of the best constructors and designers in the area. However, you can also use the Internet means and check more info there. Never cooperate with a builder who has a bad reputation.
  3. Get the guarantees that the completion of the build will occur in time. When you want to build a house that is already building it’s more likely that it will be already sold. In things to look for in buying a house you must understand that the real estate is expensive, but a desirable buy. Most of the houses get sold before they are complete. That’s why you can ask a compensation if the builder won’t finish you house in time. This item should be noticed in the contract as well.

  4. Hire an inspector to find out more about the house. The builder will tell you a lot of pleasantness and try to urge you, that the dwelling will meet all of the standards, the central heating system is safe, and the wiring doesn’t contact with the combustible materials, but you can’t make sure it’s true until you will be convinced. Inspecting the house in fully is another insurance on the way to the new It’s better to pay the expert than buying a dangerous home and being nicely left.
  1. Explore the warranties. Even the conscientious builders will cover the warranties on the materials and products, which include the build, but these individual warranties might not match to each other. This is another item that you have trust to your lawyer.
  2. Concern about the neighborhood or city area. The select of the location will influence not only the prices but also the quality of life in a few years. If you live in a big city, the prices of the homes will be so much higher if the location is close to the downtown. But if you have bought a house near the wasteland, you should dedicate some time to viewing the lake, forest or field right now. The area might be filled with the new houses or manufacturing institutions in a few years. Let’s say you have bought a new house for cheap and live well. But if a plant or a factory will appear nearby soon you will forget about previously good life. Ask your agent for help to discover the area development dynamics or government planning.
  3. Choose the banks that will provide you with the best loan conditions. Every builder will insist for the customer to loan at the bank that cooperates with the constructor. The conditions are not usually preferable to a customer, but always are preferable to a builder. But here comes a tricky part – a builder can require you to cooperate with his partner lender in the contract. Ask your agent to help you to find the constructors with the best products, conditions, and discounts.

We hope our advice tips will be useful for you and you won’t stumble on any bounds. Learn them and keep them in mind before buying a home.

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