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Tips & Tricks to Make Home Look Bigger

Make Home Look Bigger – Here are some ideas :


Having a big space at your disposal is amazing. Knowing how to use that space is even better! Still, what usually happens is that we feel that no space is big enough for what we have planned out and seems like walls are closing in on us. Sometimes, the space is small, indeed. So, what you got to do is find ways to make that (seemingly) small space look and feel bigger and more comfortable.  Here are some tricks you’ll be happy to obtain and apply on your space!

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  1. Be clever

You’ve always known that pinstripe pants make your legs seem longer, didn’t you? Well, now you should also remember that a striped floor will make a room appear way deeper and longer than it actually is! To enhance the effect, use an oversize mirror and place it in such a way that it gives the space depth it lacks. Further, opt for see-through furniture for whichever piece of furniture possible – chairs, sofa stands, tables or decorative pieces usually molded from acrylic or Lucite – these will trick your eyes into believing the space goes on for miles. They will give the room endless surface space without cluttering it visually. If you are not a fan of glass furniture, go for pieces in the same color (or a shade or two darker/lighter) as your walls. These will take up less visual space.

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  1. De- clutter

So little importance has been given to de-cluttered spaces when in fact, it’s clear spaces that visually give room depth. De-cluttering is not only the cheapest “styling method” but it is also a way to bring good energy to your home (ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui claims that de-cluttered spaces draw healthy and good chi (energy) and bring prosperity into your home). Further, not to mention the ease with which you’ll be able to find everything in your home – when things are placed in their proper containers, spaces and storage rooms/cabinets, you’ll life is much more easier! Buy a hanging shoe organizer for every closet and use it to keep not necessarily just shoes there, but stuffed animals, magazines, beauty supplies, whichever thing you want. Install shelving, too.

  1. Paint it up!

Experts say that light walls visually add to the room’s space and open it up to a great extent. Light walls may appear a bit cold and sterile unlike darker ones which make the room feel cozy, warm and comfortable, but they reflect and multiply light and that’s what you need for your small room. The best colors to choose are beige, eggshell, cream, light grayish-blue and lavender.

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  1. Reorganize what you display

Unfortunately, when you have a limited space at your disposal, you simply can’t display all items you love. With small spaces, less really is more. Since you adore them all, gather them up and then divide them into collections. Make each collection a show piece for a certain season, event, occasion, etc. That way, you get to display them all at some point, without over cluttering your space. Plus, when there aren’t a lot of pieces, each of your decorative elements will appear more dramatic as it is not lost among all the other ones.

  1. Storage Furniture

Storage furniture must be the best invention ever, at least when it comes to small rooms! These pieces are incredibly functional yet their design doesn’t lack that oomph you want for you space. A bench with storage space for your kids’ room is a perfect storage for your kids’ toys, stuffed animals and such while an entryway bench will be a convenient spot to stow the things you have no idea where to put, like umbrellas, shopping bags, seasonal accessories, etc. Let’s not forget a flip-top ottoman you can place in your living-room or bedroom. It holds the bedding or out-of-season throws until you need them.

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  1. Light it up

A well lighted room looks bigger and more welcoming. Adding lamps in darker corners of your house, installing recessive lights and floor lamps will definitely open up the room and expand it visually more than you know. You can always consult a professional electrician what you can do to lighten up the space as much as possible. Installing dimmers is yet another way to make the room look bigger. Plus, these types of lights bring about that element of surprise to any space!

Small spaces aren’t that hard to work with, the point is to just know all the right tricks! And, now that you do – we hope you’ll create an amazing space for yourself!

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