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Beat The Heat: Five Tips To Keep You And Your Wallet Happy This Summer

As we begin to get into the hottest part of summer and settle into our summer routines, most people are not thinking about the best ways to keep cool during the summer. The fact is, staying cool and comfortable and managing your energy expenditure is not something most people think about until they are hot and/or uncomfortable. Here are five tips to managing your comfort and cooling bills this summer:


This is probably the single biggest thing one can do to stay cool and save money at the same time. One must examine their home and look for vulnerabilities. Small door cracks and poor window insulation can cost money. By examining these areas, one can potentially avoid wasting money and letting cool air escape outside where it does no good.

Properly Maintain Air Conditioning Equipment

Maintain your equipment. By having your cooling equipment regularly cleaned and maintained, you can add years of life to it which saves money as well as reap the benefits of equipment that runs smoothly and efficiently. Finding a contractor is as easy as picking up the phone book. If you need air conditioning service in Oklahoma City for example, there are many contractors to choose from that can not only maintain equipment but also do repairs.

Use A Smart Thermostat

Thermostats these days come fully programmable. By simply programming the thermostat to turn down the air while you are not home one can save a great deal of money and energy. After all, why pay to cool the house while you are at work? A thermostat makes energy efficiency automatic and very convenient.

Use Other Means To Stay Cool

The use of fans can help a great deal in spreading conditioned air throughout a home. One can also employ other means such as sleeping on first floors or in basements where it is cooler. One can also simply look to air condition only certain parts of the home and close off access to the parts that are not being used.

Learn About Energy Efficiency

There are many other small steps one can take throughout a home to save money on cooling while staying quite comfortable during the hot summer months. Take the time to read up on energy efficiency a bit. When you get your electric bill you will be glad you did!



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