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Get Organized: 5 Tips on Organizing Your Home

Clutter is a fact of life in modern homes, but it does not have to be that way. Families find themselves packing drawers and closets so tight they burst at the seams. Overflow is packed into boxes and plastic totes and crammed into any space where they will fit. There are ways to get the home organized, and the best way starts with a plan.

1. Donate Unused Items

There are many people doing without who would sincerely appreciate old clothes, shoes, appliances, gadgets and other things a family no longer uses. Try to not throw anything out, and donate the items to a charity instead. Go through each room of the house with a plan to donate things that have not been used in a year.

2. Have a Yard Sale

People like yard sales as long as the prices are a real bargain. Have a plan on what to do with the money before the sale begins. The plan should be something the whole family will enjoy. This encourages everyone in the family to part with those things that are never used and just taking up space. Check the weather forecast before scheduling a sale that will be outdoors. This can clear plenty of clutter in a single day.

3. Storage Space

Some families have regular and seasonal uses for every item in the house, but there is just not enough space to store them. It can be anything from personal watercraft to ATVs to boxes of Holiday decorations or off-season clothing. Instead of squeezing things into every nook and cranny in the house, expand the storage options. The two best ways are to build a sturdy weatherproof shed or rent storage space. Cordova TN self storage options provide protected space with unit sizes based on the storage needs.

4. Intelligent Packing and Stacking

Plastic totes are available with a modular design that makes them easy to stack on shelves or in the corner of a basement or garage. They are also great when renting a storage space. Color-coding and labels make this system work. This is a great idea for seasonal items. For example, instead of having closets crammed with both winter and summer outfits, pack the off-season clothes in plastic containers with tight fitting lids.

5. Thin Out the Duplicates

Some families hold onto several duplicates of each item. Is it really necessary to have a kitchen drawer full of spatulas if only one or two are ever used at one time? What about those items that get shoved into drawers that are never used? Thinning things out by getting rid of multiple duplicates of item works best in kitchens and bathrooms.

The only way to get organized is to have enough space to organize the things that are there. Otherwise, it is a losing battle. Reducing the amount of extraneous stuff along with getting more space to store needed and used items will get the home organized and clutter free quicker than any other way.

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