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Tips For Opting Split System Installation For Your Home

Tips For Opting Split System Installation For Your Home

When it comes to air conditioning there is a wide variety of styles and designs to select from. With the different alternatives that are available in the market these days it is convenient to choose the right one for your home. Also, with the ever rising temperatures air-conditioners are no more a luxury but a necessity. Before making any sort of a decision, it is wiser to do some research and find out the different features and benefits that are associated with the different systems. The installation of the AC totally depends on the type of house you have and the number of rooms that need an air conditioner.

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Some Features of the split systems

* Zoning becomes convenient:

Adding different units for different rooms and then controlling the temperature is easy with these systems. All that is required is one compressor with different smaller units for the indoors. You can control the temperature in different rooms according to your requirement. That means that, one room can be kept warmer as compared to the other rooms and so forth.

* Dust free Air:

You must be aware that with the traditional systems with the ducts, tend to collect allergens, dust ad also contaminants which are the causes of many health related issues in the long run.  The maintenance and cleaning of these systems can turn out to be very troublesome and expensive, which is not the case with split systems. These split AC systems have filtration at multiple stages, which can collect the particles which would otherwise be harmful.

* Cost Effective

The initial installation charges might turn out to be a bit expensive, but you should be aware that there is a lot of saving involved in the long run. You can heat or cool only the required areas and not the whole house besides this there is no way that air can escape through the ducts. Different states also offer incentives for using highly efficient systems.

Ventilation and Humidity Control

With the installation of split systems, you can adjust the ventilation and also the humidity levels, which was not possible with the old systems. This would make the indoor temperature a lot more comfortable then the outside one.

Less Damage to the Walls

You are not required to make huge holes in the walls as required by the window air-conditioners. There is minimum damage done and the total look is clean and neat. You can also choose between the different styles to ensure that these systems blend well with the indoor décor.

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Installation of Split Systems

The installation of these split systems include

  1. The outdoor unit requires re-enforced concrete pads underneath or you can think of using brackets or plastic feet.
  2. The pipe cover or the color bound channel can be the color of your choice.
  3. The outdoor unit needs an anti-vibration pad.
  4. The electrical wiring and circuit breaker needs to be an approved one.
  5. The refrigeration copper pipe should be of a high standard.
  6. Make sure the installation is done by traders who are licensed.
  7. All the refrigeration pipes should have the required insulation.
  8. The manufacturers and the company should be a registered one.

The Manufacturer

As there are multiple manufacturers providing these split AC systems, you need to make sure that you are opting for a well-reputed and experienced one. It’s advised that you compare different prices for the purpose of installation of these split systems before you make your choice. Manufacturers who have installed split systems in different organizations have a thorough knowledge of the right type of installation for your home. You can also look for the split system installation services offered after the installation is complete, that is, the after sales service provided, which can also include servicing these systems at fixed intervals.


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