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Tips For Lighting Up Your Home

The kind of lighting in your home plays a role as important as that of your furniture in influencing the final look and feel of the rooms. Therefore, it is important to carefully plan out the lighting patterns so that they suit the basic layout of the furniture and match the purpose of the rooms.

Use elegant lights for your dining room
The kind of lights you use for your dining space play a very important role in affecting the overall look of the room. Chandeliers above the dining table add a touch of grandiloquence to the entire look of the room. Give your room a unified look by hanging a spiral shaped chandelier over a circular dining table. In a drawing-cum-dining room, if the table occupies some extra space, then recessed lighting is a great option for lighting up the room as well as preserving the charm and elegance of the chandelier. Using creative lampshades and hanging them over the dining table can add a dash of brilliant color to the room.

Light your living room intelligently
Living rooms serve multiple purposes. It is a place to relax, entertain guests and even read. Therefore, its important to light the room adequately so that the room can host all of these activities. Using table lamps and floor lamps is a good way of making the room look bright and cozy at the same time. Under-mounted lighting of cabinets and track lighting are also useful methods of lighting up the living room. Ensure that the room looks homely and bright, but not too bright to hurt the eyes as the main function of this room is to serve as a place for relaxation.

Use mixed lighting techniques for your kitchen
To enhance the efficiency of the work in the kitchen, ensure that there is adequate lighting to help you do so. Ceiling fixtures as well as cabinet mounted lights are necessary for your kitchen. Tracking light with halogen bulb are useful for directing light directly to the places where it is required the most. Under-cabinet fixtures of florescent lights are good as they provide adequate light without producing too much of heat.

Conveniently light your bedroom
Swing-arm lamps and bedside table lamps are useful if you work or read while you are in bed. Pendant lights hung above nightstands can be used to give your bedroom a dramatic look. Placing ascent lights tactfully above the bedpost will help you to create a serene and calm atmosphere in your room.

Adequate and convenient lighting changes the overall look of the room. Therefore, devote as much time to the lighting as you do to the furniture to ensure that your house has a warm and unified look.

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