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Tips for a Cosy Conservatory This Winter

Tips for a Cosy Conservatory This Winter

Many people love having a conservatory in their home because it can serve many different purposes. For example, you can use it as a room to go away and switch off with your favourite magazine, or you can choose to use it as a designated area for you children to keep all their toys and enjoy their playtime. An issue that many people face though is still being able to these things when the summer months come to an end and the weather becomes colder. There are a number of things you can do to help with this which can help you maintain use of your conservatory and make sure that it stays nice and cosy as you go into the winter months.


Get Blinds Fitted

Curtains often look out of place when they are fitted in a conservatory, so the fantastic alternative is to get blinds fitted instead.  This is because conservatory blinds add to the décor of the room and they can also serve the conventional purpose of blocking out the cold temperature that may come through your windows.

If you want your blinds to add some cosiness to the conservatory then you need to make sure that you pick the correct style. Getting your standard conservatory blinds will definitely be conventional, but they won’t make the room feel cosier. So to overcome this, you should go with Roman blinds – as they are available in a cotton material and a huge number of colours which will enhance the air of cosiness in the conservatory hugely.

Portable Heaters

Portable heaters are one of the easiest and simplest ways of keeping your conservatory warm and cosy. You should be careful of what type of portable heater you get though, this is because you can ones where the heat is generated from an external gas canister, and these can be very dangerous. So you should try and get one which is electrical and you can plug it straight in to the wall and simply flick on the on switch to make your conservatory feel cosier.


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Add Some Candles, Cushions and Covers

Adding these three things to your room will not only make you conservatory much cosier, it will also add some character to the room. You can make your conservatory furniture seem like it is more comforting and cosier of you put some nice covers over the top of it and add some cushions for the extra levels of relaxation. By having candles, you can really set a nice mood in your conservatory and they are arguably the simplest yet best way to make your conservatory feel cosier.


The floor in your conservatory is one of the biggest aspects that can affect the level of cosiness. This is because a lot of conservatories are fitted with tiles or laminate flooring when they are built – which is fantastic for the spring and summer months – but it isn’t very cosy. So heading in to the winter months, you may want to think about getting a nice soft rug that will add some warmth to the room.

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