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Five Tips For Adding A Personal Touch While Remodeling Your Kitchen

Look around your kitchen and access whether you are having a Furniture Showroom Syndrome. This would necessarily mean that the cabinets have a uniform color, the appliances are monotonous and monochromatic in their shades, and the laminate table tops seamlessly flow into the dining area which has similar matching floors. A makeover would do wonders. And when you start with the project, ensure that you kitchen wears your personal signature style. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Be careful when you mix and match
Try to be creative, and connect different styles, colors and eras in your design. For instance, if you are using dinnerware that has elements of tradition and modernity, then try to connect the disparate pieces with a single color thread. The wooden counter top of the kitchen island can also be effectively contrasted with the white marble tops of the other parts of the kitchen.

Be particular about the geometry
If all your surfaces are straight lines, or curves, then try including shapes that offer a welcome contrast. For instance, if you have a rectangular breakfast bar, then add stools with rounded, or whimsically-shaped back rests.

Separate the cabinets placed higher from the lower ones
Revamping your kitchen cabinets from scratch, or getting brand new ones is an extremely costly affair. The next best option is to go half way. Therefore, if you have dark wooden cabinets, then replace the upper ones with new glass or steel cabinets, or maybe choose a color that offers a welcome contrast, like white. Another option is to simply replace the cabinet doors of the lower lined ones. You can also change one particular table top to contrast with the color of other counter tops.

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Separate the chairs and tables
Breaking the monotony is easy if you can contrast the color of the tables and chairs. Therefore, if your table is made of dark teak wood, then opt for chairs painted in white. If the dining set has identical tables and chairs, then you can add colorful cushion chairs to add drama.

Change the hardware if it blends seamlessly with the cabinet doors
Changing the knobs and handles of your cabinets and drawers is the easiest method of changing the look of your kitchen. Choose a color that contrasts the basic shade of your cabinet, and change the style. You can attach hardwares in modern styles for your cabinets placed at a height, and traditional looking knobs and handles for those that are placed lower.

Adding contrast and drama always infuses a new leash of life when compared to monotonous backdrops. It also gives you a chance to be creative. Therefore, it is best to experiment wisely after much research to see the best results of kitchen renovation.

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