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Tiny Pebbles Can Do Magic for Your Home Decor

Pebbles do look very prosaic in nature. But, they can do wonders while it comes to interior decorations. Any stone can be of use for the purpose. You do not need to look for pebbles of a particular color or shape. Any stone with any surface can be of use depending on where you are using it. From large rocks to tiny pebbles, every thing can find a space inside your house.

You can choose from pebbles of soft colors to the vibrant colored ones. Multicolored pebbles are also available in the market. You can simply paste them on the floors or wall. They can be utilized for creating murals or other artifacts. Pebbles on the floor are preferred not to have uneven surfaces. Specially when there are children at home, it is important to take care of the safety factor.

The beauty of pebbles is, you can just paste them randomly or follow a definite pattern. It will look odd if very big pebbles are used for the decor. Unity should be maintained in selecting the pebbles. The color of them should go well with the color of the room as well.

These days, innovative name plates are being designed with pebbles. Some use it to create funny faces on the wall. You can simply use a glass bowl on a tripod. Just filling the bowl with multicolored pebbles can impart a completely different look to the room. You can also place a lamp inside it to illuminate the entire center piece. The look of the room is surely going to get enhanced this way. A layered pebble panel on the sides of stairways can help monotony of the entire space. If you put a layer of pebbles on the muddy area of potted plants, the surrounding area remains mud or dust free.

Pebbles can be a good option for bathroom decor or innovative designs for patio, garden and verandas. A pathway on the garden, created by pebbles can enhance the beauty of the entire place. The new age pebble finished bathroom tiles impart a smooth pebble look. You get the feel of it on the bathroom floor without even having them.

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