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Timeless Home Decoration Tips

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Timeless Home Decoration Tips

 With the way in which social media has engulfed the generation, we are now a click away from viewing the newest and most stylish interiors from around the world for effective home decoration. As much as we all love this, it can leave us feeling slightly jealous! With that being said, we urge you to not get swept up in this.

Trends today move so quickly that you’ll more than likely struggle to keep up or to be able to afford a new change every single season. With that it means that you’ll need to decide what the most important thing is and this typically always comes down to your needs within the home!

While some might look for practicality and comfort, others might want a minimalist show home that is always ready for entertaining – it all depends on your taste.Therefore, you need to stop being swayed by those ‘hot this month’ trends in home decoration and spend more time getting that one timeless style that will look good for more than just this season!

A Purpose-Built Place


 Home Decoration

If you’re a parent or guardian you’ll know that posh glass fixings, show stopping ornaments or pretty potted plants are impossible to upkeep with children – even animals! As much as It may be your vision, often you know that things get broken or it’s just not simply safe so you need to take into account the function of the room. Creating a purpose built interior where you consider practicality over style is an important tip to follow when redecorating or moving into a new place. It’s key to always look for hardwearing, durable materials especially when it comes to your furniture and fixtures as they’ll be best suited to those high traffic areas. This brings us to our next tip in home decoration…

Creative Storage Solutions

 If tucking those toys away or hiding those valued items is a must, storage should be one of the first things you consider when creating a timeless room. Whatever your décor – even if you change the colour scheme every few years – storage will always be important in housing those items that you just don’t want on display 24 7. Today you can invest in clever solutions that smarty hid your belongings. Instead of picking up the latest Ikea purchase, why not consider a coffee table that has secret compartments.

What may look like an ordinary table, it can offer a duel use giving you storage for toys, blankets or even extra pillows. You can even get sofas that do the same or that now open up and offer shelves or compartments underneath for your items. This way, if you do have kids with piles of toys, at least they’ll be somewhere you can hide them away so you can still replicate that stylish home and put an end to the endless clutter.


The Might of Minimalism


Home Decoration Once you’ve tucked away those items, if it’s a timeless décor you’re seeking then you need to make room for a touch of minimalism. This is without a doubt a timeless gem and it’s something that will never fade. Less is always more, and with interior design, adopting minimalist principles can be the difference between a refined or jumbled home. The easiest way to stick to this trend is to make sure your furniture and accessories are in proportion to the room, and that you’re working with the space available. Having a room that is tastefully bare will straight away invite guests into your home, giving an instant impression that the room is well put together and even new!


Don’t Neglect Neutrals

This comes full circle to the not getting carried away with the latest fad! If you’ve just got your first property and you’ve been having to deal with beige or white walls of a rented home, you’re more than likely dying for the chance to splash some colour on the walls to add some well needed personality.

Whilst you do what to make this statement within your home, picking the main colour theme is an important decision that effects future decisions. To cut costs in the long room, it is better to stick to some neutrals colours within the home as this makes it easier to switch things up in the future. Now this doesn’t mean be boring, but what you need to do is to look for neutral pieces of furniture or wall paints, that offer that timeless flexibility. Say for example, cane furniture in an orangery is an ideal investment as you can continuously change its surroundings without having to change your range for home decoration.
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