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Three Home Updates that Will Increase Your Home Value

Are you thinking about taking drastic measures such as installing an in-ground pool or tearing up the yard to increase the value of your home? Instead of throwing ideas at your home and seeing what sticks, stick to these three essential home updates that will be sure to add value to your home and increase buyer interest.

Turn Your Home “Green”
In the current state of the housing market, more buyers are becoming more interested every day in whether or not homes on the market are conducive to savings. Are the windows energy efficient? What about the appliances? People want green technology these days; mainly because frugality is more important than ever.

You can help turn your home green by making updates such as adding storm doors, installing windows that will help save on the electric bill, or adding ceiling fans to each and every room.


Maintain, Repair, or Install an HVAC System
One of the many concerns on most buyers’ minds when they are shopping for homes is how the home is heated and cooled. If your current HVAC system requires updates, it’s recommended that you contact Indianapolis Airability Heating and Air for further help. The Indianapolis air conditioning services that this company offers can service you in repairing your current system or installing an entire new one.

You especially need to take action if the home does not have heating or cooling at all. This can easily cause buyers to turn away from your home without looking at anything else.


Renovate the Kitchen
Lastly, when many people update their homes to increase value, they usually start with the kitchen. The kitchen is considered to be the heart of the home, and it often plays a huge role in whether or not a buyer chooses to purchase or not. Families spend a lot of their time in their kitchens; whether it be for having dinner or inviting guests over for gatherings.

Many people decide to replace counter tops or even knock down half walls to breathe new life into their kitchens.

Overall, these are three essential updates you should be making to your home if you wish to increase its value. Additionally, target specific issues with your home that could be hurting its value, and take some time to think about what it is in a home that makes you want to buy. This should also help in your journey to increasing your home’s value.

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