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Three Decorating Elements that Will Make Your House Hard to Sell

Houses will sit on the market long past the time sellers had hoped for a sale if they aren’t willing to complete some simple remodeling like a fresh coat of neutral paint. Home buyers are looking to back up the moving truck and unload their belongings without having to spend time on renovations. Rectifying these three faux pas and following professional advice from experts such as the Ohio Real Estate Guys, who list homes for sale in Kettering Ohio, will help you make progress and generate offers from interested buyers.

Three Decorating Elements that Will Make Your House Hard to Sell


Wallpaper definitely dates a house because it hasn’t been the wall finish of choice for a few decades. Furthermore, no matter how attractive you think your wallpaper may be potential buyers will only focus on the work entailed for its removal and wall refinishing. Removing wallpaper can be a tedious chore. Once the wallpaper has been stripped the walls will need additional prepping to remove all paste residues.

Offbeat, Out-of-the-Ordinary Colors:

Neons and deeply hued colors are not likely to be viewed as attractive by future home buyers. In all probability, their furnishings will clash so all they see is the cost of repainting or hiring professionals to do the job. In addition, allowing teenagers to add graffiti to their bedroom walls or painting a young child’s wall with chalkboard paint have become recent trends. These techniques may instill a sense of ownership in the room for the children and provide fun and entertainment but these decorating ideas detract from selling your house. Buyers want to see themselves as the owners, not your children.

A Cluttered Kitchen:

Potential buyers come into a house visualizing the space for their belongings. Aunt Mary’s 27 tea cups and your counters overflowing with canisters and seldom-used small appliances doesn’t leave room in buyers’ imaginations for their things. De-clutter the kitchen counters and pack those tea cups- or other non-essential treasures- into storage until interested browsers are sold on the space your house has to offer.
Spending money, even a little doesn’t seem to make sense to some sellers. However, the cost of cosmetic updates is minor compared to a house sitting in the market for months. You have to stand back and look with the judgmental eye of someone about to spend plenty of their hard-earned paycheck to buy a house. As a seller, you want your house to be the next one marked as sold.

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