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Things to Consider While Building Walk in Robes for Your House

Things to Consider While Building Walk in Robes for Your House

Walk in robes or closets have moved from being a luxury in mansions to a necessary functional space in many households these days. With just some smart space planning, one can create a spacious closet for storing clothes and shoes neatly. Thus, if you want to move on from your messy wardrobe and build a more covetable space, walk in robes is the option for you. While there are some minor DIY options to add to a regular room, it is suggested to get a customized fit-out built on a specific budget.

Top 5 Features of An Optimal Closet

After deciding upon getting a closet built, there are certain features that you should ensure are a part of the design:

  1. Ample Space

Since a walk in robes closet is supposed to accommodate a variety of clothing, shoes, and accessories, ensure that you designate a wide and spacious area while designing the closet. If you are getting a new bedroom built in your house, ensure to design the layout carefully for the closet while if you are redesigning your previous room to incorporate a closet, plan the cabinets, shelves, and drawers smartly.

  1. Dressing Counter

A walk in closet is not only a place for storing your wardrobe but also for you to change and get ready. Thus, if you have a spacious closet, include a dressing counter for you to drop your things at. Such dressing islands are preferably installed in the middle of a U-shaped or straight closet and offer additional storage space by adding drawers or boxes to its design.

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  1. Storage

Be it a large spacious closet or a regular-sized area, it is vital to design and divide the space judiciously to ensure ample storage. The benefit of a walk in closet is that you can hang a lot of your clothes in hangers for you to see and pick conveniently. Drawers and closed cupboards are another great addition to store. Smaller items like socks and ties and more expensive items to save from dust. Flat shoe shelves and bars are great for stacking shoes while purses and bags can be displayed in narrow shelves lined along the walls.

  1. Lighting

If there is no or little natural light entering your closet, you can use artificial lights since lighting is a vital factor in a closet to view the wardrobe as well as getting ready. Cooler light bulbs are recommended than warmer globes as they highlight the colors better. LEDs are a great option and spot lights can also be installed in specific areas that requires focus.

  1. Full-Length Mirror

 Mirrors are another important furnishing of your closet which comes to use while trying on clothes and accessories. While you may install a complete dressing table with its own lighting and mirror, you may also just install a full-length mirror at one corner if you have to work within a restrained space. Mirrors on closet doors are another solution for those with all walls and corners occupied with shelves and railings.

These are some of the most essential tips one should take into consideration while designing a walk in robes closet. Furthermore, it is essential that you hire a reputed and experienced company for the designing and construction of your closet. This is important as the professionals of such a company would use their expertise to further guide you and provide creative ideas of using the space of your closet better. They would also ensure to install quality fittings and furnishings such as optimal lighting and smooth-functioning drawers and cabinets in your closet.

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