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The Exterior Door Buying Guide

The Exterior Door Buying Guide

When it comes to making home improvement choices, choosing the right exterior door can be more complicated than most people think. Usually, people just assume that getting any exterior door would be good enough for their homes. However, in order to actually make an exterior door really worth its value, you need to consider a few factors before buying one.

  1. You need to look for something that suits the local weather

Weather is perhaps the biggest threat to your home, especially to its exposed parts such as an exterior door. Strong winds can bust lightweight doors, while some materials can get damaged by damp or humid weather. Some are not energy efficient enough to help power consumption, while others do just fine. It’s wise to get an exterior door that performs even after being subjected to local weather’s wear and tear.

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  1. Check the available space for the frame and panels

Although frame sizes are standardized, you’d still have to choose from at least 2-3 different size options. This gets even more complicated for customized door frames. You should also consider how much space it would take to fully open or close. Some French doors swing inward, which could get blocked by furniture. Sliding doors don’t take much floor space, but there should be enough space for the panels to slide all the way to the sides.

  1. Look for energy efficient options

Energy efficiency has a huge impact on a door’s overall value. The more energy efficient your door is, the more you cut down on your monthly electric bill, which means your door is technically giving you back some of its installation cost via savings. Energy efficient options include multi-glazed panels, high quality weather-stripping, and better insulation. If possible, look for doors with an Energy Star seal – those are certified energy efficient according to local standards.

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  1. Check out the extra features

Exterior doors come with a variety of different features. Some of these features are cosmetic (textured finish, natural colors, etc), while others are more functional (rubber stoppers, pneumatic door closers, extra locks). The more features a door has, the more expensive it can be, but the more long-term cost efficiency it will have. Just don’t go overboard with a door loaded with too many features and you should be fine.

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  1. Don’t forget the appearance

When someone looks at our home from outside, one of the first thing they will notice is your exterior door. To make a good first impression on your guests (not to mention to avoid feeling bad about how your entrance looks), look for an exterior door that suits the rest of your home’s appearance. If your house has that traditional feel going for it, look for classic-themed doors. On the other hand, if your home has a more contemporary look, there are more updated door designs available.

That’s about  it for this buying guide. Getting an exterior door is easy, but choosing one that you can maximize takes a bit of research and careful decision making.

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