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The best way to make your old wood furniture look new!

The best way to make your old wood furniture look new!

I think you will have to agree with me when I say that no one likes old furniture. By old furniture, I mean the ones that rarely have any paint left on them and look like they came from world war II.

But what if I told you that there’s a way to make these old furniture look like new? And what if I told you that you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to make them look new?

Usually, these type of furniture are not “broken” and like most of the old stuff they are really quality, but they just look ugly because half of the paint disappeared. And what’s the best way to make them look new? Re-paint them.

You are probably thinking that it would cost you a lot of money to send them somewhere to re-paint them, and it’s not worth it to spend so much money on old stuff … but what if you knew a way to do this at your home without spending too much money?

I know a way and I will teach you how …

When I moved to my new house, the family that was there before me left a lot of old things on the garage, the stuff was really quality but they looked so old, my wife wanted to throw them away, but I had a better idea.

So I opened my laptop and started searching, a lot of google answers told me to go and send them to local re-painters, but most of them cost a lot and we were on a tight budget, so I came across this website where I read that I can use “Heat Guns” to re-paint my old furniture.

I was thinking, how can I use heat guns to re-paint stuff, when all they do is blow hot air? But hear me out …

How to use heat guns to remove paint?

Clearly, you can’t use heat guns directly to re-paint the old furniture, but before painting them you have to remove all the old paint. And doing this is not that easy since heat guns blow hot air that means that if you don’t how to use it correctly you may hurt yourself, your family members, or even the object you were trying to remove paint from.

Now, any heat gun will do its job, sometimes on small objects, I even used hair dryers, but that it’s not recommended. Except for heat guns, you will need also a “Putty Knife”


Almost all heat guns blow really hot air somewhere from 200 degrees to 1000 degrees, and to do this process we need the temperature to be 500-1000 degrees.

So start your heat guns and wait at least 3 minutes for it to heat. Remember always stay at least 3 or 4 inches away from the object or you may overheat it, different models of heat guns need different distance so make sure to read the manual of the model you are using,

Once its heated make sure you are holding the heat gun with one hand and with the other hand you are holding the “Putty Knife”. Now with one hand start slowly directing the hot air to the part you want to remove paint from. Make sure you are moving the heat gun around and not keeping it in the same place too long or you may destroy the object.

And, on the other hand, use the “Putty Knife” to scratch the paint off the old furniture. This may be a long process but its worth it. Once you remove all the paint from the object you can use any paint you want to paint them and they will look brand new.

Final Words

With a little research, I made now I have a “new” table where we eat every day and it’s really beautiful. Not only I saved a lot of money by not buying a new table but I also had a great time with my wife doing this.

Of course, I have not used all the stuff I found on the garage, I sold most of them via eBay or Amazon so not only I got a “new” table from this method, I also got some “free” money as well.


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