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The Benefits Of Trees And The Dangers Of Hostile Bugs

The Benefits Of Trees And The Dangers Of Hostile Bugs

 Benefits of Trees

What is more beautiful than a lovely tree-lined neighbourhood? Trees have a number of beneficial aspects to our residential and business properties. The benefits of trees includes the following:

  • Trees help to cool homes in the hot weather months
  • Trees break the cold winds to keep heating costs lower
  • Healthy trees can add around 10% to a property value because of their aesthetic landscape value
  • Trees improve water quality
  • Trees keep erosion and run-off damage to a minimum

Planting trees to enhance your property is best handled by an arborist who has the skill-set and knowledge to understand which trees are best for your property.


Calling the Right Tree Doctor

Trees are a living part of the environmental, which can get sick like a human – fortunately, there are things that can be done to prevent and treat many tree illnesses. At times, a little pruning can help a tree by removing dead or dying branches which may be sucking up valuable nutrients and allowing an entry point for termites. An arborist is the best person to prune trees so that they are not accidentally damaged; arborists are trained to evaluate the condition of your trees and determine the type of pruning required to balance your landscape goal and manage the tree’s health and safety. Chipps Tree removal services and tree pruning is an example of a company made up of arborists who possess a wealth of knowledge regarding trees and how to keeping them healthy and happy.

A Guide To Hostile Bugs

But what happens if your tree is infested with borers, termites and/or beetles? An ISA-certified arborist will come to your property to examine your tree(s) for possible hostile bugs. Arborists are trained to examine different types of trees like firs, birch, ash, and maple, as well as how boring bugs affect them.

Boring wood beetles fall into three types:

  • Beetles that live just under the bark
  • Beetles that bore through the trunk
  • Beetles that live in the root system

Termites can be a threat to your home as well as to the trees on your property. Tree termites are mostly found around the base of a tree, just below the soil line. They also lay egg tubes on the trunks of trees and swarm nests are often found within tree scars. Everyone knows that the damage and costs that termites can cause if they are found within the boundary of a residential home or business is traumatic, so try and nip these bugs in the bud if possible.

Additional Tree Arborists Services

If your tree is so badly damaged by bugs that it must be removed, a certified arborist can take the ease and risk out of this task. Arborist services also includes stump removal, which can ground a tree’s stump 4-6 inches below grade or deeper. At this level you can replant the lawn grass. Even though these projects sound like they may be prospective DIY projects, tree removal and stump removal should be left to the professionals.

Trees are an investment and if they are not properly pruned, trimmed, or maintained, they could cause future property damage. Choosing a certified arborist means hiring an environmentally conscious professional who cares about your property and the plants and trees that help beautify it.

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