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The Appeal of French Doors

The Appeal of French Doors

Believed to have been influenced by the Italian Renaissance, French doors are both interior and exterior doors that feature multiple panes of glass. They are traditionally hinged and paired, coming with an in-swing or out-swing mechanism.And they are a popular fixture in many homes – owing to their ability to provide:

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The Illusion of More Space

The glazing in French doors presents fewer visual barriers, which creates the illusion of continuity and, thus, more space. Many of these doors are also used to connect two adjoining rooms, especially where privacy is not a priority. French doors that open out onto a patio or any outdoor space, especially, build on this optical illusion.

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French doors are designed toadmit a lot of natural light into any room. Advances in the engineeringhave also led to the use of glazing that features enhanced visible transmittance – among other energy mechanisms – to further boost performance.


French doors also come in various operable styles (such as hingedor sliding) that gear them for enhanced ventilation. As these doors usually extend from the ceiling to the floor, they open up to encourage natural breezes to flow freely into your home.

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These doors are so stylish they look good on almost any type of home – fromSpanish or Mediterranean to Cape Cod dwellings. In fact, curb appeal is one of the most compelling reasons why French doors are so popular.

Added Home Value

If you have plans to sell, pay heed what realtors have to say: that replacing old windows or doors with French doors that connect to the patio or backyard is effective in driving buyer interest.



The fact that French doors do not have a center jamb raised some safety concerns in the past. No more: today’s French doors haveenhanced locking systems for added protection.

Important Installation Considerations

French doors have a lot to offeryour home, but only if they are installed properly.Keep in mind that the technical considerations between installing interior and exterior French doors may also differ.

For one thing, fitting has to be perfect to make sure the resulting doors will function properly. The openings should also be framed and then sealed before you can secure the screws in place. Installing French doors also involves cutting a huge chunk out of your wall – something that’s best entrusted to a professional.

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Speaking of professionals, we have found that most homeowners get more satisfactory outcomes when they commission a remodeler or installer for home improvement projects. And in the case of French doors, a trained eye is even more helpful. Choose a window and door professional who has:

  • Extensive industry experience
  • A partnership with a trusted manufacturer
  • Great customer service
  • Comprehensive product warranty and support; and
  • Cost-effective pricing



Also, check with websites such as the Better Business Bureau to gain a more accurate picture of the kind of business your remodeler or installer runs. Whenever possible, check out reviews from past clients, too.

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