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5 Top Home Security Apps

5 Top Home Security Apps Your home is your castle, but keeping that castle secure requires more than a few locks and an outdated alarm system. Smartphone technology now enables us to monitor our homes remotely, from work, our holiday destination, or our trip to the shops. There are tonnes of apps out there vying…

Home Security Outside Your Home

When it comes to home security, smoke detectors, locked doors and a home security system all go a long way in protecting the inside of your home. You should note however, that you also have to secure the outside of your home in order to enjoy complete protection. The outside of your home is the…

Five Safety Provisions Every Home Should Have

Safety Provisions for Home

Your safety at home is very important to you and your family. Don’t take chances with your peace of mind. A few simple steps can help you easily improve your safety at home. Here are five safety provisions every home should have. 1. Smoke Detectors Smoke detectors help make you aware of fire or smoke…