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11 Totally Crazy Home Renovations

11 Totally Crazy Home Renovations Our home is the centre of our family’s well being. We work hard to make sure that our loved ones have everything that they need and lead a comfortable life. The house is the one place where we try our best to build the life we want for ourselves and…

7 Steps to Domestic Bliss After Home Renovation

home renovation

The aftermath of home renovation can often be hard to handle for many homeowners. Whether you are completely those DIY jobs that you have put off or tackling a complete renovation, knowing how to restore your home back to a liveable condition after home improvements can be a real challenge. Take on your clean-up challenge…

Renovating your House on a Budget

Everybody loves the idea of renovating a house until they see the price tag. Renovating your house is expensive. Some might say it’s too expensive. Besides the physical cost of materials, you have to look at often overlooked expenses, such as trash pickup, heavy machinery rental, personnel and new fixtures, just to name a few….