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5 items for your house for spring decorations

spring decorations

With these 5 Items you can go ahead with spring decorations

As the temperatures warm up outside, it’s time to start getting rid of those dust bunnies and get to some spring cleaning. With this renewal in mind you can see a lot of the old being tossed in to make room for the new. The same can be said for you décor around the house! Consider livening up your home with some springtime décor that will be sure to get everyone at home singing the springtime melody. Below are just five items that you can use in your home that will instantly add a splash of Spring and vibrance to any atmosphere.


Spring Decals

If you have children, one of the most festive ways to spring decorations is to add wall decals to their room. A popular example of using decals in bedrooms are budding trees with Spring colors. These decals can be purchased easily online or you can try to do it yourself by projecting an image on the wall with a projector and then tracing in onto your wall. When choosing a decal, be sure that its colors blend well with the colors of other items and furniture in the room to avoid the space looking too “busy” with color. Sometimes the best decoration can be subtle.

spring decorations
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Seasonal Silverware

Spring is a great time to also swap out your silverware set with another one that is a bit more on par with the warm season. Search for silverware sets that are adorned with Spring decorations theme, such as leaves, trees, flowers, butterflies, plants, and much more. These types of silverware sets might even be more easy on your pocket book if you shop during the off season for them.


Floral Lamp Shades

Are your lamp shades adorned with dull, unexciting colors? Spruce your living room up by adding colorful, floral lamp shades to them. When shopping for new lamp shades, be sure to keep the bases that you already have in mind. If the lamp shades don’t work harmoniously in color with the bases, the overall lamp might turn out looking odd. Try to find shades that complement the base in shape, as well as in color.


Floral Rugs

Swap out your existing rugs for ones with beautiful, floral designs on them. Nothing says spring more than some cute floral designs. Not only can you swap out your living room rug for one with a more festive design, but you can also go as far as to change out your door mats to welcome the warmer temperatures. This is a nice accent onto any home that is wanting to change for the season.


Colorful Shower Curtain

Lastly, you can easily bring the warmer temperatures and beach theme into your bathroom by using a colorful shower curtain. There are many Spring-themed shower curtains that can lighten up and add vibrance to your bathroom. Popular designs include colorful stripes, floral designs, warm solid tones, colorful shapes, and much more.


Make sure that you accessorize your home with these five items to get the most out of the Spring decorations month. Once the season has ended, you can store and use them for next year when Spring rolls around!


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