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Several Frugal Spring Cleaning Hacks

Spring cleaning is round the corner

As soon as the temperature is rising and when the snow is about to melt, it is finally time to clean out your home completely after a long winter slumber. But the biggest question each time spring cleaning is here: where to start? It is best to always start with the messiest part of your home so that you can get the worst over quickly and that you can keep the other easier parts for later if needed. Although many would have it believed that spring cleaning costs a lot, it can be done easily and cheaply if you use a few DIY methods.

Time to make room for everything

The first obstacle you will inevitably face is that you have all your things cluttered up in closets and wardrobes. In order to clean everything, you will need to make room and you will need to de-clutter to do so.

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Let the light in

There are many cleaning products out there to clean your windows, but you can do so by concocting your own homemade glass cleaner as well. Recycling old cleaning towels to clean your windows with will enable a streak-free shine too.

Vacuuming your home

To thoroughly vacuum your home, it is important that you go from top to bottom, my local house cleaning expertsclaim. By adding essential oils to a homemade deodorizing spray, you can freshen up your home afterwards as well; and you will feel the spring freshness in your home.

Cleaning your wood furniture

It is important to collect dust so that it does not just float back to where you wiped it off. It is why it is good to use dry sheets to collect the first layer, and to use a homemade mixture of vinegar and lemon juice to round up the more stubborn dust and dirt.

Do not forget about the flooring

No matter what kind of flooring you have, it is important that you clean it thoroughly because during winter you will bring in a lot of dirt. Make sure that you use good cleaning homemade recipes so that you can clean without any problems.

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The dreaded bathroom

Although many fear spring cleaning their bathrooms, if you use a mixture of baking soda, vinegar, some detergent and elbow grease, you will clean it without any hardship. You will not have to spend a lot of money on expensive cleaning products either, and it will be nice after, and fresh if you add some essential oils.

 Spring cleaning the garage

Perhaps the worst place to start spring cleaning because there will be a build-up of all sorts of things. Make sure to take everything outside and clean out your garage; and if you are able hold a garage sale, to earn some extra money and to get rid of unwanted things. After you are done, make sure that you put everything back in an organized way, so that you do not recreate the starting chaos.

Enjoying spring cleaning

Nobody likes to clean too much, but if you managed to keep your home clean during winter, then it will be a cinch to hold spring cleaning, and it will not cost you as much as you would think. Moreover, if you use homemade recipes to clean your home, it will be less toxic and it will be cheaper; and if you have kids, they can help out without you worrying about getting in touch with poisonous substances. Make sure that you clean systematically and that you plan out a route to follow, it will be easier.

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