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Spring Cleaning: Ways to Organize and De-clutter your Home

Getting rid of clutter isn’t always easy. Many people enjoy holding on to objects that hold memories, and cleaning and organizing their belongings isn’t everyone’s idea of a party. In order to get your home into tiptop shape this spring, you’ll need some tips and tricks to put you on track.

1. Define your goals

Before you decide what you’re going to clean, organize and throw away, think about what you want your goals to be. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of it all. Tackle each room in your home one spot at a time.

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2. Toss out what you don’t need

You probably don’t need 20 different sweaters, and no one’s using that exercise bike you bought in 1995. Look around the room and take stock of what you actually use now. It’s tough giving away items you enjoyed in the past, but getting rid of what you don’t use anymore will make it easier to enjoy your space.

3. Make it easy to park your car in the garage

Garages have a way of getting filled up over the years. First it’s just a lawn mower, a stack of books and toys the kids aren’t playing with anymore. Years down the road, you find that the garage has taken on a life of its own! Get a shed to store your extra items so you can finally park your car in the garage again.

4. Clear the most used places first

Before you begin to clean out the spare rooms and closets, clear off the most used spaces in your home. Kitchen tables, stairs and coffee tables are magnets for clutter around the house when life get’s stressful and busy. Cleaning the areas you see first will give you more motivation to keep cleaning.

5. Store what you’re not using

Once you’ve decided what you will keep in your house, take some time to figure out how to store your items. Place the garments that aren’t in season out of sight in your closet. Place books on their shelves and arrange them so they’re easy to find. If you have many items that you can’t get rid of, but don’t have room for, store them in a two story shed or rent a storage unit.Sheds with a second floor are a great option for those with small yards because you can store twice as much without taking up twice the space!

It might feel like a hassle, but once you begin to clean your house, you’ll breathe easier and feel less stressed. After all, a clean home is a calm home. Roll up your sleeves, get to work and get ready to enjoy your living space!

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