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Southwestern Style and Design Ideas for Your New House

Decorating in Southwestern style  – Design Ideas for Your New House


Decorating in Southwestern style often stirs up images of warm colored homes in the southwest U.S. with terra-cotta rooftops and adobe walls. This particular style works to bring the outside in by using natural materials including wood and clay for accessories and furniture. Its comfortable, inviting, and uncluttered design creates a calm and peaceful ambiance in the room.
Here are some of key elements behind Southwestern style decor along with a few ideas on how to implement them inside and out.

Image source- Chisholm Roofing Ltd

Image source- Chisholm Roofing Ltd

Southwestern style textiles commonly feature unique motifs inspired by the rich culture of the American Indians native to the area. Blankets and rugs designed by Navajo Indians can either be used functionally, or displayed as art thrown across a bed or on a wooden chest. Diamond patterns are intricately woven into both table runners and area rugs. Southwestern materials are typically natural, such as wool and cotton.

Image Source - Chisholm Roofing Ltd
Image Source – Chisholm Roofing Ltd

Look to the rich, desert plains of the U.S. Southwest to get color inspiration. For instance, the soft reds and subtle pinks from the flowering cactus or the succulents and cacti greens could all be used. Picture the intense color spectrum of an amazing Southwest sunset with its combination of purple, blue, coral, and soft gold and incorporate these key shades into your paint colors on the wall, accessories, and various fabric selections.

Accessories put the finishing touch in any room. Southwestern style accessories include vibrant colored rugs as wall art that bring gorgeous style and color to the space; clay pottery, vases, and hand-painted tiles are all a huge aspect of Southwestern decor, particularly genuine pottery created and designed by the Pueblo Indians themselves.

Southwestern style furniture is generally made from various woods and polished into a rustic style finish. The detailing itself is quite simple, void of any intricate carvings, while furniture such as cabinets and armoires tend to be prominent pieces in the room.
Accent furniture looks great painted, but it’s best to keep the colors soft, muted, and on the natural side. If any of the furniture involves a DIY project, try sanding the piece down with a bit of sandpaper just enough to give it a distressed and authentic appearance.


Image Source - Chisholm Roofing Ltd.
Image Source – Chisholm Roofing Ltd.

Suede, wool, cotton, and leather reflect our inherent connection to nature and humankind’s historical dependence on various Southwestern animals. Any one of these unique materials can be implemented into rugs, upholstery, or virtually any other accessory as well.
Terra cotta and slate, which are commonly used in Southwestern roof tiles, can also be utilized to create interesting walkways and accents both outside and inside the home. Chisholm Roofing Ltd, a Vancouver roofing contractor, recommend keeping your terra cotta roof tiles looking great by keeping them dry and fitted together.

Southwestern style decor is ideal for people who appreciate warm color palettes, uncluttered design, and elements of nature, all rolled into one.

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