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Solve House Problems with an Aesthetic Flourish

How to Fix Common Household Problems with an Aesthetic Flourish

Solve House Problems

Home repairs are never fun and they can cost some money. While homeowners don’t like the idea of performing home repairs, it is a necessary task that must be done from time to time. Additionally, they can make a large mess and aesthetically downgrade your home.

Whether you do your own home repairs or hire them done, they do not need to be boring when you’re done. You can fix lots of common household problems and make the object or space uniquely beautiful with an aesthetic flourish. Below are three common repairs you can make attractive with some creativity:

Patching Drywall

Repairing a hole in the drywall isn’t a complicated task. You can use spackle for smaller holes. For larger areas, you will need to cut a patch out of drywall, prep the hole. Then you need to add wood strapping with adhesive, before attaching the patch. Then you have to cover the seams and trowel off the excess before finishing with a final coat.

However, those holes may not be as smooth as they should be unless you hire a professional, such as Jeffrey Hills and Associates, to do them. You can also offset the aesthetic problem by creating an art piece out of it.

The secret is actually highlighting the area. You can take some different colors of oil paints and create a floral print with sponge painting. Sponge painting requires no skill or ability and you only need a standard sponge to accomplish it. Dab the area a neutral or darker paint, then sponge dab other colors into the mix. Finish the project by hanging a glass frame over the area to create a picture.

Repairing Scratched Hardwood Floors

Even the most durable hardwood floors will become scratched over time. You can get a professional to buff and polish them, as well as add your own personal touches to improve their appearance.

One option is to use a darker stain to add to a more distressed look. You don’t want to further damage your floors with distressing, but using a darker stain would add dimension to areas where scratches appear. Just be sure to make the entire area uniform and use the stain sparingly.

Redoing Kitchen Cabinets

Like hardwood floors, kitchen cabinets can become worn and scratched over time. There are several ways you can repair them and change the look of them entirely. You can strip and stain them, or paint them. To add to the updated look, you can trim the edges in a contrasting paint or gold leaf. Complete the look by changing out the hardware. You can add new kitchen appliances to compliment the new color scheme.

Using a little creativity, some consultation, and some products available at the local hardware store can open up options for you to beautify many household repair jobs. All it takes is a little effort and some time to fix common household problems with an aesthetic flourish. Give some of the suggestions a try and use the skills you learn from them in the rest of your house.

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