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Engineered or Solid Hardwood – Which Will Last Longer?

Engineered or Solid Hardwood – Which Will Last Longer?

Hardwood floors are the perfect mix of classic and contemporary styles. But as a homeowner, it makes sense to choose afloor that is both beautiful and long lasting. Today, there are two types of wood floors to pick from –solid and engineered. Both are crafted with natural wood materials andadd an incredible amount of character to a home.

Aside from the appearance, engineered and solid hardwood floors are two completely different things! In today’s post, we’ll talk about which one is the best option for long-term use in a single-family home.

Engineered Hardwood:

Engineered wood floors may look similar to solid timber planks, but in reality they are completelydifferent! Unlike solid timber floors, engineered planks can be used in basements and on subfloors because the majority of the floor board is not made of hardwood timber. Engineered floors are made by compressing sheets of plywood together, then laying a thin sheet of authentic hardwood on top to give it a finished look.

Because they aren’t made entirely of hardwood timber, engineered floors (generally) last anywhere from 10-15 years when cared for properly.

 Solid Timber Floors:

Because they are made entirely out of solid timber, natural hardwood floors are much more sensitive to moisture than engineered wood. As such, they should never be used in basements or laid directly over sub floors.Although solid timber floors require a little more maintenance than their engineered counterparts, they can last up to 80 years when cared for properly. One of the key reasons solid timber lasts much longer than manufactured planks is their ability to be sanded and refinished as often as needed. In doing so,you can remove stains, scratches, and other blemishes that might appear on the floor due to normal wear and tear.


Which is Best for your Home?

If you want a long-term investment:

If your family is looking for a truly long term investment and don’t mind taking time to sweep your floors daily, solid hardwood is likely the best floor choice. Although they will scratch and blemish over time, can be sanded down and refinished to renew the look of the wood. This chance to renew the appearance of hardwood floors allows homeowners to keep their planks looking brand new for decades.

If you just need something for the next 10-15 years:

Because engineered wood floors are easier to care for and are more affordable to install than solid timber, they’re a better option for families who have little time to spend on cleaning and maintaining their household. Keep in mind, however, that once engineered wood becomes scratched or stained, fixing the damage will require replacing the planks or installing a new floor.

Overall, solid timber floors are best suited for families with the budget to purchase a more expensive floor and are interested in making an investment that will last a lifetime. Homeowners looking for a more short term investment or are limited on maintenance funds should consider engineered wood for its affordability and similar appearance.

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