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Smarter Ways to Thoroughly Clean Your Home

Smarter Ways to Thoroughly Clean Your Home

Nowadays it seems that there are more cleaning tips and tricks than ever. Those miraculous techniques and recipes are often nothing more than bells and whistles. Instead, you should focus on sound advice that really work and this short guide is based on some of those. Following these guidelines, your cleaning will become more efficient and purposeful.

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Preparation is the Key

The first step in cleaning is to make sure that you’ve got all the supplies you need. You wouldn’t like to find out that you have run out of garbage bags halfway through the cleaning. All the rags, sponges, laundry baskets and cleaning chemicals should be inspected. The best strategy is to prepare the cleaning products the night before so you can give it an early start in the morning without much fuss and waste of time.

Where to Start

Your cleaning should definitely start from the messiest room. Not only will it give more satisfaction once the room is finished, but you’ll be able to finish the biggest task in the beginning, while you are still fresh and rested. Once all the things have been packed in the closets or binned, using a good, strong steam cleaner  can make cleaning rugs and the furniture much easier and efficient.

Make a System

Be ready to storage the things that simply don’t have their place in the house. For this purpose you can prepare a few large bins which you should use for selected items. If you store the same category items in the same bin, finding them later will be much easier. Dirty laundry should be dumped in the baskets at the beginning. Once a room is free from the clutter you can begin dusting and wiping the floors.

Everything Right Where it Belongs

While you’re cleaning, you’ll inevitably notice that some items in room don’t belong there, but in another room. You can use a couple of cardboard boxes labeled for each room, which you’ll be carrying with you as you are advancing through the house. At the end of the cleaning you simply take each box to its respective room and rearrange the things where they belong. A good place to start cleaning is the kitchen. Although it might seem the messiest room in a house, the procedure is really simple. First do the dishes, than clear the counter, wipe the cupboards and finally do the floor.

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Move on

After the kitchen the next room you should hit is the bathroom. The procedure is the same, first remove the clutter, in the form of dirty laundry. Pile the makeup and body care products and decide if you need all of those. If some of them are empty or near-empty, ask yourself are you going to use those ever again. If you bin all the unnecessary items in this phase, it will make your cleaning much easier later on. Wipe the toilet shelf and scrub the sink and the bath. The key is to move from room to room and keep everything within four hours.


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