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Smart Ways to Store Valuables in Your Home

Smart Ways to Store Valuables in Your Home

The mastery of hiding your precious items goes beyond removing them from plain sight. No matter if you’re trying to protect your money stash from thieves or hide the secret records from a rival spy, similar principles apply to both of these situations.

We have looked into the whole range of options, from the usual and reliable to some less known and unexpected. Whether you’re going to choose one of these depends on the level of security you need at a given moment, that is, if you just want to make it inaccessible to the house-sitter or you want to ensure its safety at any given moment. Bear with us as we go through an array of suggestions.

The common hiding places every home has

We shall start off with advice on what crannies and nooks make a better choice compared to some obvious spots. Avoid placing them behind toilet tank, under the mattress or among your underwear or socks. Somesimple ideas can save your money or valuables with the help of objects around the house:

  • Employ aluminium foil for wrapping and pop it in a freezer. The burglars may bring the house down but it’s unlikely they will burrow into your selection of frozen meats and vegetables.
  • Put it behind the cardboard of a picture frame, in between the photo and the outside cover. Many will check the frame but few will take time to dismantle it.
  • Bury it in the faux soil of a (fake) plant
  • Choosing almost any spot in the nursery is a good plan, and toys present a myriad of inconspicuous piggy banks. Considering the number of toys and objects present, it’s no wonder the statistics list children’s room as the seldom raided area.
  • An empty pill bottle of smaller of bigger proportions, with pills still inside or not is a brilliant and out-of-the ordinary answer to thieves’ sticky fingers. Food containers serve as well, but there’s something squeamish about going through people’s medicines and it could more efficiently repel the burglars.
  • If you own a large-enough library, you can tuck it into one of your books. When it comes to DVD cases, they are highly popular with intruders and obviously not a decent hideout.

To test your preferred solution, do a little experiment: imagine you’re a thief and get inside your house. The places where your gaze falls in these few minutes instantly get disqualified as unsuitable spots so make sure not to use those.


Utilise DIY methods to secure your stuff

Taking extra steps in concealing the goodies is not at all futile. For starters, a smartly positioned and secluded box within a bookcaseis a welcome solution. However, experts claim that storing your worthy possessions in faux variants of permanent home elements is an even better way to go. This involves fixtures such as ventilation ducts, junction boxes, electrical instalments, thermo-regulators and similar apertures. Still, for many people safes are the favoured option.

Long-term solution

Mind you that if you’re seeking a permanent and solid protection for your stuff, you can’t do wrong if you buy a quality safe. Safety via concealment is only working to an extent. Combine it with a bolted-down, sturdy model and be at ease that the majority of burglars will bypass it, just as pickpockets do when they see one of those modern pacsafe bags on the street. The goal of the vast majority of burglars is to go in and out as quickly as possible, and safes don’t fit well into this equation.

Give the intruders a planted stash as a bait

To figure out the most successful setup, you have to get inside the thief’s head. The interviews held with actual burglars reveal the following:

  1. If time is not an issue, they will find the savings and jewellery
  2. Understanding their motives is more important than the selected valuables hideout
  3. Two basic things on thief’s mind are to get the hold of your precious items and remove himself from the premises fast
  4. They’ll keep looking until they run into something worth stealing

Accordingly, throwing intruders off the trail is advised. Accomplish it by choosing typical spots to plant a money stash, like bedroom sock drawers.

After earning your money fair and square, it would be a shame to leave it in plain sight for the potential thieves. Instead, you should exploit all house nooks and acquire solutions for advanced safekeeping.

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