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Small Room Ideas – Tips for Making The Most Out of it

Following are some Small Room Ideas to try out – 

Large, open indoor spaces can make people feel comfortable and unobstructed while in your home. Unfortunately for most of us, we have to make do with cramped rooms and limited space. Thankfully, a few tricks can remedy all of the problems a too-small space presents.

Combine Functions

A sofa with an armrest that holds drinks, a storage ottoman, and a bay window each combine two functions within the space of one object. Bay windows usually provide either shelf space or seating space in a spot where there would only be a window with empty space under it. Tables with shelves underneath provide twice the storage space. Beds with shelves underneath or built into the headboard make great space savers also.

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Use Vertical Space

A corner may be too small to hold a wide shelf, but it may be perfect for a tall shelf. This technique provides storage space and draws the eye upward, which makes the room feel larger. Arranging photos and art vertically creates the same effect.

Maximize Natural Light

A lack of light can make a small space look even more cramped. To keep your rooms from looking like closets, try to get as much natural light into the room as possible. A specialist from Five Star Windows Inc says the best way to do this is by installing additional windows and keeping them as unobstructed as possible. Using only sheer curtains, rather than heavy linen ones, and refraining from placing plants or bookshelves in the path of the light will allow the natural light to fill the whole room.

Think Flat

Items such as coin jars and plastic cd boxes take up unnecessary room. By purchasing a cd case or plastic coin sleeves, one can have the same items in a much smaller and more manageable container. Applying this principle to other items around your home will help you maximize your space.

Desks and beds take up a lot of room. Thankfully, wall-mount desks and Murphy beds allow you to have the objects you need without taking up a lot of space. This way, a large piece of furniture can be stored flat against the wall so that space can be utilized for other purposes.

Pull-out Drawers And Drop-down Shelving

Drawers can be added to the upper space in bathroom and kitchen cabinets for extra, hidden storage space. Plastic pull-down racks makes pantries and medicine cabinets perform double-duty, acting as storage space while taking up no space themselves.


Shelves built into the wall provide the same storage and decorating space as free-standing shelves, but the furniture is recessed in the wall, leaving room for furniture or walking space. Spice racks and nooks for purses and mail can be installed right into the wall. Pocket doors open and close without bumping into things or taking up walking room. Also, building shelving under the stairs turns a lot of potentially wasted space into a sizeable storage area.

Summarizing small room ideas –  Maximizing a small space can be a fun, challenging task. Once someone starts looking for ways to make an object do more or fill less space, more opportunities present themselves.

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